The Beauty Loser: Write it Down!

105So there I am. I’ve gained back 30 lbs. since my 68 lbs weight loss.

I started packing on the pounds around the holidays; my 8’s became 10’s and they were a little snug. But when I found out I was pregnant…the 10’s became 12’s. Then I had my miscarriage, and I ate a LOT of fast food – and I didn’t care. I ate McDonald’s twice a day more than once. I was miserable, and I didn’t care about my health. The 12’s became 14’s. And recently, the 14’s became tight.

Today it’s been 11 weeks since my D&E procedure, and I’m emotionally better now. And my body is almost there. So, it’s time I take back control. No more excuses!

I’ve worked WAY too hard to be healthy, and to feel amazing, to slide backwards. So I am back at it. I’m getting it done!

Yes, I’m doing Medifast again. I really love the plan and the support I get. I just extended my weight loss weeks, using up food I’ve had for months, and I’m planning to properly transition this time, which I did not do previously. The only thing that will change my plans is if I get pregnant again.

I’ve got a couple key ways to keep myself on track.

Picture what you want

When I said that I want to wear my skinny summer clothes from last summer, and it depresses me that I can’t, my Medifast counselor told me to take something out and put it in plain site. Or pick a piece of clothing that I really want to fit into again and remember that’s what I’m working towards. This is what I chose:



Yep. My cats in space with lightening leggings.


Write it down

I’m a writer. So it made perfect sense to me when my Medifast counselor suggested that I conquer my cravings and work through emotional eating with journaling.

Not just food journaling, but emotional journaling. I picked up a pretty note book from Barnes & Noble (ohmygod I LOVE buying new journals):

journalAnd I have been faithfully writing down when I eat, what I eat and how I’m feeling. I highlight my food, keep track of my vitamins and water and sometimes, like Monday, I use it to fight cravings.

Monday this journal helped me resist eating a doughnut. That may sound trivial to you, and you might think, “why not, it’s just one freaking doughnut!” but I’d had a splurge at Father’s Day dinner the night before (a huge plate of food at dinner, two different desserts – no regrets, it was so good!) and I wanted to do better Monday. Life is all about balance and compromise and choices.

I journaled when the cravings were strongest and at the end of the day, I was incredibly happy and proud that I resisted the donuts.

journal 2It was almost as if putting it out there on paper that I wanted a doughnut made me stronger in resisting because I didn’t want to have to write that I gave in.

So there you go. Like I said, I’m on my way and I’m in control. I’ve been working out regularly, but the food thing – this was a puzzle piece that HAD to be fitted into my life.

If you are on a weight loss journey, what do you do to keep yourself motivated? Do you journal? Do you keep a before and after pic handy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!