Sally Hansen Color Foil Experience Round 2: Liquid Gold

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

Sally Hansen Color Foil swatches and review Liquid Gold BeautyJudyMy face is all…I don’t know, you guys. But I’m going to try this Sally Hansen Color Foil nail polish one. More. TIME.

You can read my first experience from last week here!

I felt like I had to try it again, without base coat or top coat, to see if it would work better. I’ve heard from other bloggers about the no base/top coat thing, and I felt it only fair to try it the way it’s best used before deciding whether or not I’d buy or recommend this again.

I had been wanting one of the gold colors so I went and sprung for Liquid Gold. Here’s my experience.

First coat

Knowing that the first time I used the Color Foil formula, it showed every flaw in my nails, I used a four-way buffer on my nail after taking off my prior mani (which you can sorta see in the photo above!).

I used Color Foil directly on my naked nail bed. And you know what? It applied smoothly, it allowed for multiple strokes, and it wasn’t a pain at ALL.

Second coat

I waited for the first coat to get nearly dry, which happened very quickly. I applied the second coat, also without incident.

I had much less clean-up involved in this mani, as I was able to take my time and apply it neatly.

As the second coat dried, I saw all the flaws in my nails highlighted; that bummed me out. These would look amazing on perfect nail beds.

Third coat

I decided to do a third coat on a couple nails where the flaws really bothered me. It didn’t make a difference. The flaws were still visible.

Finishing up

I didn’t use top coat on this mani, as I was testing the theory that it’s best used without base and top coat. The polish dried relatively quickly, almost as if I’d used a quick-dry top coat. Here’s how it all looked:

Sally Hansen Color Foil swatches and review Liquid Gold BeautyJudy Sally Hansen Color Foil swatches and review Liquid Gold BeautyJudy

Final thoughts

I was worried my nails would feel very flimsy without top coat and base coat, and they didn’t feel flimsy, but they didn’t tough either. I didn’t have any breaks while I wore this mani.

However, the polish wore badly. In just over 12 hours (during which time I did my nails, slept, woke up and got ready for work), I had tip wear like this:

Sally Hansen Color Foil swatches and review Liquid Gold BeautyJudyI only wore this one day and because of the color, the chipping and tip wear weren’t all that noticeable. I actually got some compliments on my mani.

My final thoughts on this? It’s a really cool finish, and definitely works best without base or top coat. But it’s not a polish I’m going to use for a weekend trip, it’s something I’ll use for a night out – like a wedding or a concert.

Ultimately, I won’t be buying any more of these polishes, but I am glad I found the best way to make the ones I have work!

Have you tried these yourself? What do you think of the Sally Hansen Color Foil formula?