Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book

Purchased by me.

kat von d 2I am pretty obsessed with Kat Von D’s Sephora line.

Around the holidays, I decided not to pass up on this Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book palette, because I knew I would regret it later. I bought it and thought about giving it to my husband to give to me for Christmas…but I just couldn’t wait to use it, so I kept it! Merry Christmas to me, haha!!!

Back of the packaging:

kat von d 3

Back of the palette:kat von d 4

The front of the palette looks the same as the front of the box it came in.

Swatches – six pans, and the swatches are the same order as the pans:

kat von d 6 kat von d 9 kat von d 7 kat von d 8 kat von d 10 kat von d 11 kat von d 12 kat von d 13And here are eye looks I did! For this one I used Sunset Blvd and 8 Bit:

kat von d 14For this one I used Smile Now and Cry Later – this was one of my favorites:

kat von d 15

And I used WTF and Countess here, another favorite!

kat von dThis palette was $55. I don’t believe it’s available anymore, unless it’s hanging around the shelves at Sephora. I am so glad I didn’t pass it by, and I had to share it with you, I love it so much!

Did you recently pick anything up that you know you would have regretted if you didn’t? Do you have this palette?