The Beauty Loser: And So 2014 has Begun!


Before and after – July 2011 on the left, September or October 2013 on the right. That’s about a 70 lbs difference right there. I look like two different people. Crazy!

So here we are.

On the other side of the holidays.

It’s that time of year where we get the credit card bills for holiday purchases, and we notice the toll that holiday get-togethers and good food have taken on our bodies and our confidence.

My truth is that I’ve gained about 10 lbs. since last summer. Since the wedding in November, I haven’t worked out as religiously. And I’ve thrown caution to the wind when it comes to how I eat. Here I am on the second day of our honeymoon:


And sneaking holiday cookies in a blurry selfie a month later:


I don’t really care about the number on the scale…OK. Maybe a little bit. My weight crept back into the low 160’s with this bit of weight gain, and I am NOT pleased. Mostly because my pants are a little snugger, and I noticed my stomach pooch is slightly bigger. I can tell my thighs are not as toned.

And there’s no way I’d be doing THIS anytime soon, which I did for the first time in YEARS the weekend of my bachelorette party:


My stomach wasn’t even toned last summer but I’ll tell you what – I was confident and I felt sexy! Even with my gall bladder surgery scar!!!


Now it’s the time for executing my plan of attack.

How am I going to get back to what I feel is the best version of myself? I want to stress that I don’t mean a number on the scale or how I look when I say “best version of myself.”

The best version of myself is one who is confident, maintaining my cholesterol levels with just fish oil, and has no need for the C-PAP I used to need for sleep apnea. Last summer, I was still considered overweight by scale measurements, but I was happy. And I don’t mind being curvy if it means being happy.

So back to that plan of attack.

I can’t just go back into the weight loss phase of Medifast right now (you can read previous The Beauty Loser posts where I talk about my weight loss journey with Medifast here.) When I think about what I’m going to do to take off the extra pounds, fit comfortably into my size 8’s again and be fit and active, I have to consider how life has changed and adjust my plan.

Life happens

Since getting married, Mike and I have made a second major life decision. We want to start a family. So, I read this:


And I’ve had to factor in our hopes and dreams when I think about my own weight and health.

We’re having fun with this journey. But it means that I can’t drastically lose weight, and I don’t want to gain much more so I can be my healthiest self if we are blessed with a pregnancy.

Ladies, I don’t know about some of you but I’ve spent more years trying NOT to get pregnant than pregnant, so I will be surprised if my body even remembers how that’s supposed to work! LOL Needless to say, I don’t want to screw anything up by yo-yo’ing with my weight.

Put one foot in front of the other

Mike and I went to my OB/GYN’s office for a preconception planning session, and I was pleased to know that while I don’t want to yo-yo on my weight, I’ve got the green light to train for a half marathon and continue exercising. If/when I get pregnant, then I will talk to my doctor about how to proceed.

So, on March 30, I’m signed up to run the Philly Love Run, and I started my 14-week training program already. And that’s a HUGE part of my plan of attack.

(Total side note but on New Year’s Day, I celebrated with a leisurely, slow run with my running club…notice my shirt, hahaha!):


I’m starting out small in training – I’ve got three weeks of 3-mile long runs before increasing my long run mileage by one mile every week, and tapering towards the end after I hit a 12 mile long run. I’ve got cross-training days and two rest days with my three days of running every week. I want to get my body used to the increased activity again before I start increasing my weekly mileage. Here’s me, after a treadmill run last week:


What goes in my mouth

The next part of my plan is to eat better, plain and simple. Get eight glasses of water in a day.

I don’t need to be in the weight loss phase to lose, I just need to not substitute a yogurt and piece of fruit for a mug full of jelly beans, or a half a canister of cashews. I need to be mindful of what I’m consuming.

I will cut back on the sugary, sweet foods I’ve been consuming, because those are my weight kryptonite. I won’t deprive myself, but I can’t be eating the left over peanut butter, chocolate-covered Santa’s from Mike’s stocking anymore.

That’s pretty much it. Things really clicked for me over this last weekend, and I’m energized and excited about the next several months.

So are you like me, looking to plan how you’re going to shed the holiday flub? Are you setting any physical goals for yourself? I’d love to hear what YOUR plan of attack is, or if you still have to figure it out – or God bless you if you stayed strong through the holidays and you are all “I GOT THIS” all over the place 😉