Serenity + Scott Brow Gel

 Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

brow gel

I’ve used pencils, wax and powder brow products in the past, but until now, I never realized that darkening my brows just a bit and defining them could make such a difference in how my face looks. I’ve also never received a direct compliment about it, until recently!

At a holiday family get-together, my cousin remarked to me that she could tell I darkened my brows a bit, and that it looked great. Almost in a “you’re finally doing that!” supportive way. I was shocked that anyone even noticed, and sent a silent kudos to one of my favorite products from 2013, Serenity + Scott Brow Gel.

While at The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop last month, I stopped by the booth of new brand, Serenity + Scott, and Serenity Eyre, one of the brand founders and a pro makeup artist, applied the brow gel on me. Immediately I saw that this was an easy product to use, and I fell in love with my new look.

Serenity + Scott just launched last year, and the line has everything from lipsticks and lip gloss to eye shadow and blush. The other half of the duo is E. Scott Thompson, a pro makeup artist who brings his sense of West Coast beauty, to Eyre’s East Coast, in order to “help you find your own version of gorgeous,” according to the About Us on the website

So what about this Brow Gel?brow gel 2

Do you see the golden shimmer in that gel? So pretty!

To use it, I lightly comb the wand of the gel, which is like a mascara brush, across my brows. Here’s a shot of the wand:

brow gel 3

Here’s how I looked after the brow gel:



Without this product, my eyebrows are very fair, and get lost in my face, if that makes sense! Since I bought it, I’ve been using it every day that I wear makeup. It not only adds a little definition to my brows but it also keeps them tame!

This Brow Gel costs $16, and can be purchased on the Serenity + Scott website (linked to above).

I will most definitely purchase this product again. It’s become a Holy Grail/must-have in my day-to-day routine in less than a month of owning it!

Do you have a beloved brow product? Have you heard of Serenity + Scott? What do you think of this Brow Gel?!