Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain

Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom.

power lipIn this first round of my Milani Cosmetics 2014 launch reviews, my last lip color product is another new offering, Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain.

There are eight shades in the line: Red Control, Cabaret Blend, Raspberry Tart, Pink Lemonade, Macaroon, Strawberry Sugar, Mango Tango and Creamy Cafe.

Milani says that these lip staining balms are:

  • Non-drying
  • Long-lasting shine, stain and color coverage
  • Easy-to-use twist-up pen with a brush applicator
  • Non-feathering
  • Made in the USA.

Here’s a shot of the applicator tip, before product filled the brush and after:

power lip 2 power lip 3

I didn’t know what to expect from using this product, so I went into using it with an open mind and no expectation.

Let’s get to swatches and review!

Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade

pink lemonade 2

pink lemonade 3

Pink Lemonade is a a pretty punch color. The first photo is after application, with flash, the second is without in natural light and the third “how I wore it” collage is after a couple hours, and after lunch! Also, I look frightening. I only had on foundation, lol!

This one was great and the stain looked moisturized even after I ate! After a a few more hours, though, the stain started wearing off from the middle of my lips out.


macaroon 3 macaroon 2 macaroon

Macaroon is a a pretty mauve. The first photo is in natural light, second is in the shade and in the collage, the photo of it on me in the bottom right is after about five hours of wear. You can see the stain wears very well on this one! I was surprised that I still had product on my lips after so many hours.

Raspberry Tart

raspberry tart 2 raspberry tart 3 raspberry tart

Raspberry Tart is a pretty pink-almost-purple lippie. This was the third one I wore, and by this time, I’m really digging these. Look at this pic, taken about four hours after I initially applied it – after I applied it I had one coffee, one soda, and one ginormous container of Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries – oh yes. And I interviewed David Boreanaz, too! Woo hoo! Look how well this stain has held up:

raspberry tart 4

It’s softer than at first application, I like it. It looks like it feathered a little bit in this photo, but I honestly didn’t notice that in real life.

Mango Tango

mango tango 2 mango tango mango tango 3

Mango Tango is a pretty orange lippie with pink undertone to it. I wore this one from 7 something in the morning until after noon and noticed it was off because I kept wiping my mouth while eating my sloppy lunch (a salad, but I swear the longer spinach and lettuce pieces kept smacking me in the face, lol) and when I was done I had some stain in a thick outline of my upper lip.

Overall, I love these.

Application the first time is tricky. You have to twist the applicator – it’s like applying a Stila Lip Glaze – until the product starts filling the brush. Every time, I clicked too much and had to wipe product off on a tissue. After that, I could control better, because I knew it wouldn’t take an undetermined amount of clicks to get my product out.

The brush is also a bit stiff, although I don’t know if it softens with continued use. I like this because it gave me good control over filling out my lips, to not go far outside my natural lip line.

Some of these stained nicely and evenly, some of them stained in an outline. That doesn’t bother me, because I truly did get a solid four to five or more hours of wear from these, and I don’t mind touching up early afternoon.

I would most definitely buy these lippies. They will launch in February at CVS, and retail for $6.49.

What about you – are you looking forward to Power Lip?! Which color here is your favorite?!

Disclaimer: I received the Power Lips to review from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!