Essie Resort 2014 Collection

Disclaimer: Purchased by me

essie resort

I stopped by my local beauty shop hoping to score the spring collection of another brand when I spotted a display of the Essie Resort 2014 polishes.

At first, I picked up the purple and light blue cremes, instantly know I had to have them.

But then I looked at the other, spring-like hues, and the idea of having a new coral hue perked me up. I decided I couldn’t leave behind the neutral shade, so all four came home with me!

Such is the life of a nail polish fanatic, right?! I immediately played with these over the weekend, and I’ve got swatches below.

You might notice an extra watermark on my photos. We’ve had a TON of snow storms here in South Jersey, and frigid, cold temperatures (with some 60+ degree days sprinkled in, it’s been insane) so my cuticles and nails are suffering. I know what I have to do, so I don’t need advice; I just need to find time!

So please forgive me my little boo-boo’s. I take pride in NOT editing my cuticles, hands or nails to perfection, but this was the first time I seriously debated it. I went with the little “hi!” instead. Thanks again for being forgiving!

Cocktails & Coconuts

cocktails and coconuts cocktails and coconuts 2

Cocktails & Coconuts is sand-colored creme with silver shimmer. It’s a great neutral for winter into spring! Although it was opaque in two coats, I thought the formula was a touch thick.

Resort Fling

resort fling resort fling 2

Resort Fling is a pretty coral jelly that was nearly opaque in two coats. It applied like a dream.

I was curious what this one might look like with another recent Essie purchase of mine, Sparkle on Top, from the new Luxe Effects.

resort fling 3


resort fling 4

Once I tried it over Resort Fling I tried it over the last two, too!

Find Me an Oasis

find me an oasis find me an oasis 2

Find Me an Oasis is a pretty light blue creme that was a little less thick in formula than Cocktails & Coconuts, but still a little thick. It was opaque in two coats. Here it is with Sparkle on Top:

find me an oasis 3 find me an oasis 4

Under the Twilight

under the twilight under the twilight 2

Under the Twilight is my favorite polish from this collection. It is a one-coat dark, dusty purple creme. I did two coats for my swatches, but you can easily do one. Here it is with Sparkle on Top:

under the twilight 3

I just want to point out that I only used one coat of Sparkle on Top over each mani, and it was so packed with flakies and glitter-  it was awesome! A definite win.

Overall, I think this collection is really pretty. I don’t remember the last time I was pumped about an Essie Resort collection, to be honest.

When I went home with all four, at first only really wanting two, I kept thinking of cool things I could do with nail art using all four. The colors go together very well from a collection standpoint. I don’t regret purchasing all of them.

The formula on them varied, as I pointed out with each polish.

These polishes are available now. I saw them on for $8.50, along with a mini four-pack for $17.

So what do you think? Are you going to pick any of these four pretties up? Which one stands out most to you? I am obsessed with Under the Twilight, that one is the winner for me!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Essie Resort collection, and Sparkle on Top. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!