BeautyJudy Bride & The Beauty Loser

shower 6

If you’ve read BeautyJudy for a while, you might remember from this post that I’m getting married. Just 59 days until the big day, in fact!

I decided to take a quick break from reviews and makeup and nail polish today. Mostly because it’s 9/11/13 and the 12-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA.

I still feel a certain sadness and connection to what our country went through that day. I’m just not up for the usual. I decided instead that I want to be chatty and personable with you, and connect. I want to remember 9/11 and honor those who lost their lives, but I also want to express my gratitude for the blessings I have, and think about the wonderful things in my life right now. Connecting with you, even if it’s from sharing a personal story with you, someone I’m not face-to-face with, well… I feel like that’s a nice place to be.

I don’t know. I could be totally screwy! But I’m about to get all personal and share a quick update from The Beauty Loser series and a introduce a new regular feature (well, regular whenever I remember!), BeautyJudy Bride.

I hope you’ll join me in these happy thoughts and share something that’s positive and happy going on in your life, as well, in the comments after you read! I have always enjoyed putting myself out there with you, and it seems only natural to share these really amazing moments with you, too!

The Beauty Loser

A real quick update here!

I’m down about 65 lbs now since I started my weight loss journey. I am in the shape of my life! I regularly run and hit the gym, and am only hoping to lose about five more pounds before I start maintaining. Sure, I could lose about 20 more, but I’m happy and I’m healthy.

Sometimes I hate running when I’m in it, and sometimes I absolutely love it. When I’m done, I feel wonderful for whatever I’ve accomplished – a race or a mile, it doesn’t matter. I love to push and challenge myself physically now.

I bought clothes for fall – and everything is a size 8 (with a couple 10s thrown in!) or medium. I started my journey going into a size 20.

Of course, button down shirts for work are larges – because certain parts of me *cough cough* may have shrunk but not enough for button down shirts, hahaha!

It’s been a goal of mine to once again do a half marathon. I’m working towards that goal. But I’ve set more immediate goals to help keep me motivated as a runner, including the goal to run a sub-30 5K (run 3.1 miles in less than 30 minutes), and train and run a 10K. I need baby steps to accomplish on the way to the big ones!

I almost cried when I did a local 5K the last week of August, and my time was 29:42. I have never run a sub-30 5K, and I felt so emotional. It was really a personal moment for me in my journey. Here’s a picture from that night, full of nerves before the race, because it was a bit humid out and I wasn’t sure how I’d do:


Of course after the race I thought I was having a heart attack but I think it was my exercise-induced asthma. I had to pull over on a side road and my friend made me stay on the phone. I got out of my car and bent over and amazingly, I felt better.

Anyway! My long run is up to 5.1 miles as of Sunday, so theoretically, I can do a 10K, and get to my next goal! I haven’t committed to one yet, so my next goal is to find one to run in September/October.

I am not ashamed to throw it out there – my weight has gone from 220.2 lbs. to 155.4 lbs., partly from Weight Watchers, mostly from Medifast.

This was me, August of 2011, when I really started this journey:

beautyloser 2 beautyloser

Me on Saturday:

bridal shower



That’s a pedometer on my belt, by the way!

BeautyJudy Bride

I am hoping to do some makeup-related blog posts in the BeautyJudy Bride series, because I’m doing my own makeup, and I’ve chosen my lipstick, and I have to choose my eye products, etc. I figured I’d share reviews and why’s for the products I’m using! You should have seen the trial periods I had trying to find a deodorant that would work, haha!

But being a bride is of course more than choosing my wedding day makeup!

In August, my best friend and matron of honor, Cat, took me down the shore for a Thurs/Fri night adventure! We stayed in Brigantine and went into Atlantic City Friday night. Here we are at dinner:

cat and me

It was a relaxing, quick get away. The next night, Saturday, was my bachelorette party! We had a pre-party at my future sister-in-law’s house.

bachelorette 2 bachelorette bachelorette 3

Those ladies are all my future sister-in-laws! I love them and I’m blessed to inherit such a wonderful family. I also hope they don’t mind being on the internet, lol!

Anyway, the pre-wedding festivities continued this past weekend, when my bridal party threw me a surprise bridal shower!


shower 2

My cousin, a bridesmaid, dipped the strawberries. And they ordered that cake from Sweet Eats Bakery, and it’s red velvet, my most favorite cake in the entire world, from my favorite bakery!!!! It was SO GOOD!

My bridesmaid Maggie, future sister-in-law, made a beautiful wishing well. When I have good pictures, I will share one. It’s amazing. So much detail!

Here’s me with my mom (standing, right), stepmom (bottom left) and future mother-in-law (standing left):

shower 4

Here’s me with my bridal party!


And the bridal party incorporated my love of nail polish in the favors!

wedding favor shower 5 wedding favor 2 shower 3

OHMYGOSH! Those are white-chocolate-dipped marshmallows with a Tootsie Roll on top!

Mike and I were overwhelmed with everything. Saturday went by SO. FAST!

I can’t believe our wedding is in two months. This is insane! So much left to do, yet so much left to look forward to 🙂

Thank you for reading this post. And now I want to hear from you – tell me what’s going on with you?! What positive event or moment do you have in your life right now that we can celebrate?! What fun and new and exciting things are going on in your world?! I would love to share with you YOUR happy stuff, too!!!