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I was going through my untried Jesse’s Girl Julie G nail polish stash a few days ago, looking for some nail art inspiration. I’d recently gathered up all my Julie G’s for a reason that I can share with you VERY soon!

Anyway, as I looked for inspiration, I just kept drawing a blank!

Of course I took my dilemma to social media.

I posted a pic on Instagram, and one of my friends, Leticia from Cosmetics Aficionado, suggested that among the polishes I captured, there were a few that looked like peacock colors. I decided, why not?! I tried a freehand peacock feather design.

peacock 2 peacock 3

It didn’t turn out like a masterpiece but then, I never expected it to – I’m definitely no artist! But I was happy enough with it and while out and about, someone actually recognized what it was (to me it looked just like a bunch of colors on my nails LOL).

Here’s the Julie G polishes I used:

  • Two coats of Freshly Squeezed
  • Dance in the Dark for the blurple middle of the feathers
  • Kickin’ It around Dance in the Dark
  • Then I did the feathers with a nail brush in Mermaid’s Tale and Holla-Peno
  • I finished with another ring around the center of the feathers with Metallic Heels.

So there you go. Not the greatest but I had fun! And holy cow – I used six polishes!

Have you tried peacock nail art yet?! Do you recognize what’s on my nails?! (Can I call it, ‘abstract’?!)

Disclaimer: I purchased all the Julie G polishes used in this post. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!