Cult Nails Summer Nail Art Tutorial and $75 Cult Nails Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Purchased by me. Giveaway sponsored by Cult Nails. See bottom for more.

cult nails tut 13

Hi everyone! If you participated in the first Cult Nails Google Hangout, then you saw my nails already – and this is the tutorial on how to get them!

If you did participate, I had so much fun! Did you?! If you did not participate, I hope you enjoy this look and tutorial! And I hope you can join the next one!

Before I get to the AWESOME $75 Cult Nails Gift Certificate…and before I show you how I did this nail art, I can’t take credit for the design I did!

My work colleague Kate, who always has trendy, awesome nails, had two accent fingers like this one day and I copied the idea from her! She told me she originally found the idea on an Instagram account that reposted a photo from @humpsgirl ! (If you don’t follow her, you should – she does some cute nail art!). I know in the blogging world, giving credit where its due is so important, and @HumpsGirl deserves her due!!!

Anyway, I love the idea of naked nail with glitter on top, in a very funky French mani or reverse French mani, because it looks suspended on the nail or like a gel mani without the gel! So here we go! Here’s the Cult Nails polishes and supplies I used:

cult nails tut tut5

L to R: Happy Ending, Tempest and Nakizzle’s Shizzle. I used Scotch tape and an angled nail art brush.

Step 1:

cult nails tut 6

After letting my base coat dry, I tore off small squares of tape, cut one of the ends so I had two sides of the square that were even, and added the tape to my nails to hide the portion on which I wanted to use the glitter.

Step 2:

cult nails tut 7

I painted Nakizzle’s Shizzle on the top, untaped part of my nail. After it dried for a few minutes, I slowly removed the tape. I did lose some base coat on a couple nails but no biggie.

Step 3:

cult nails tut 8 cult nails tut 9

I then took my angled nail art brush and lined along the edge of the blue polish with Tempest.

Step 4:

cult nails tut 10

My favorite step: Add glitter! Use a glitter that’s not opaque, that will leave the illusion that it’s suspended over your naked nail! I love Happy Ending for that – it’s also shredded glitter, which I’m a fan of, as well.

And that’s it! You’re done!

cult nails tut 11 cult nails tut 12

Also, I promised a giveaway in the title of the post, right?!

Well here it is!


Cult Nails Hangout

Also, I did this same look last week, experimenting around with three other Cult Nails polishes that are favorites of mine for summer: Deal With It, Time Traveler and Dance All Night. I did the glitter peek-a-boo at the tip of the nail instead of the base. Here’s my step by step with this combo, too:

cult nails tut cult nails tut 2 cult nails tut 3 cult nails tut 4

I loved it. On my other hand, I did Time Traveler as the base, used Deal With It as the ‘V’ line accent. Deal With It was a thicker line, because it’s a shimmer and lighter than Time Traveler, so I had two completely different-looking manis on my digits!

So what do you think of this mani type? Do you think you’ll give it a go?! I’d love to hear from you – did you enjoy the Hangout? Win any of the giveaways?! Leave a comment and say hello – I’d love to say hi back!

Also – in case you missed it, you can watch the hangout here…be warned, it’s an hour of polish goodness! LOL

Disclaimer: I purchased the polishes used in this post. Cult Nails is sponsoring the giveaway. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!