Coming Soon: Viva la Juicy Noir Perfume!

Viva la Juicy Noir - 3_4oz Bottle

I don’t generally go ga-ga over fragrances on my blog, but one of my favorite perfume lines is from Juicy Couture. I love Viva la Juicy, and Juicy Couture!

I was excited when I saw in my inbox that the brand is introducing Viva la Juicy Noir, which will hit shelves in late-June 2013 (notably at Nordstrom and

According to the PR pitch I received, “Viva La Juicy Noir reflects the bold side of the glamorous Viva La Juicy muse.  A sultry take on the original, Viva La Juicy Noir is for the woman who is daring and leaves a lasting impression. She’s the life of the party – not afraid to show off and get noticed. She is irresistible and unforgettable.”

Tell me, what fragrance line do you love?! In addition to Juicy, I am also a fan of Philosophy’s fragrances and Bvulgari’s line. My all-time favorite fragrance, (discussed here) is unfortunately discontinued.