Zoya Pixie Dust

pixie dust

Ever since I saw promo shots of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection through Zoya’s social media accounts a couple months ago, I’ve been in love, and couldn’t wait to have these!

The way these gritty polishes sparkle reminds me of how snow looks when it’s first falling/fallen; sparkly and pretty. Pixie Dust really is a great name.

The color spectrum in the six-piece collection also struck me – I love the idea of a neutral, texturized polish, and a bright red.

I did a proper swatching and review of these for my initial post, but I’ve also been wearing them in different manis for future nail art posts. So how about I just shut up and share some swatches?!


chyna chyna 2

Chyna is this beautiful, vibrant red with red glitter. It’s absolutely stunning.


dahlia dahlia 2

Dahlia is a black polish with silver glitter. The way it looks, the texture, reminds me of a piece of a meteor or rock from space.


godiva godiva 2

Godiva is a nude with silver glitter. It’s like mannequin hands for me (no, really, a couple times while wearing this yesterday people commented that I had naked nails!) but with super awesome sparkle and texture! I used two coats; three coats might take away that peek of nail line for me.


vespa vespa 2

Vespa is a light, soft green with silver glitter. I used two coats here but might do a third for more opaque coverage. I love this soft shade.


nyx nyx 2

Nyx is a pale, dusty blue (with a touch of periwinkle, maybe?!) with silver glitter. Blue is my favorite color so it’s no wonder this one is one of my favorites, too! I might do a third coat of this one too.


london london 2

London is a grey with silver glitter. This one was opaque in two coats. This color fits in with the grey trend, and the texture trend! WIN!

As I pointed out with a couple, my swatches were two coats each. I found it didn’t take extraordinarily long for the polish to dry, except I did thick coats with Chyna and had to wait maybe 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry well.

Removal is so much easier than I thought. I didn’t even need to do up my nails with acetone-soaked cotton balls and foil; just a cotton ball and some acetone.

The most I’ve worn any of these polishes so far is two days, and I only had one nail with a teeny, tiny chip. I always worry when I can’t put top coat on something, but these hold up really well. Perhaps the tough texture makes them a bit more resistant to chipping on me. I had the same experience OPI Liquid Sand.

Have you tried Pixie Dust yet?! Which one do you love?! What do you think about the gritty texture trend?! As for me, I’m completely on board with it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: The Zoya Pixie Dust Collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!