The Beauty Loser: Finding the “One”

I know what you’re probably thinking. “What is she talking about, finding “The One”?! I thought she found the one, and that he proposed with that awesome nail polish proposal?!”

You’re right. But I’m talking about “The One” that comes next after “The One” proposes…finding the perfect wedding dress!

I gotta tell you, I can’t share it with you here. Not until after my wedding day! I don’t want Mike to see it by accident! But here’s a teaser shot of me in the dress I was *MOST* excited to try on, but it didn’t quite work out:


Finding my wedding dress has been one of those amazing experiences in life, especially given the state of my ever-downsizing body. In the month since I first tried it on and fell in love, I went down another size!

On Saturday, I ordered the dress. It’s…I can’t even describe it for fear of Mike getting even an idea about it…but it is so “me,” and so pretty with just a hint of sexy!!! Amazingly, it fits pretty true-to-size, so I ordered it in a 12.

Can you believe that?! I have gone from a size 18 less than three months ago to a size 14-heading-into-a-size-12 right now! It’s been this amazing adventure, this amazing downsizing! Check out my before and after pics – the before pic was taken in August 2011, before I initially started on my weight loss journey wtih Weight Watchers. I was heading into a size 20 at that point but in denial about it. My after pic was taken a week and a half ago in New York City.


beautyloser 2


judy NYC

I’m not done yet! But things are going so well, and I feel amazing! I have so much energy! I don’t think I’m snoring as loud! And I got cat-called on the streets of NYC last week! LOL

I’ve lost, just on Medifast since December 13, 23.9 lbs. Overall, I’ve lost more than 40 lbs. (I can’t recall the exact number). I am really enjoying Medifast so far. I’m so happy!

I’ve been experimenting with my “lean & green” meals, I made a cauliflower crust pizza recently that was amazing. I eat out all the time, with much success.

My next goals include working in some exercise. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t made time for it. But I’d like to do a 5K in June with the Medifast team at my center, the Color Me Rad run! So I’ll keep you posted.

Are you trying/succeeding/frustrated with losing weight? I’d love to hear from you!