OCC Lip Tars give me hot lips!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars are truly one of a kind. I have used so many different types of lippies, and I have nothing in my stash that compares to the pigmentation, versatility and awesomeness of the line.

Lip Tars come in all kinds of colors, from daring primary colors to work appropriate neutrals. They’re meant to be mixed, so you can create your own custom lip color. They’re great for makeup artists and makeup addicts alike!

I have a bunch from a couple years ago but I slowed on buying them. Until they arrived in Sephora. Now, I can buy them like candy, holy cow! Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed that I showed some restraint and only picked up two recently. I bought Grandma at a store and I went online for the Sephora exclusive, Nylon. But I have my eye on a few more, including Psycho and Anime!

These were $16 a piece. How about some lippie swatches?!



Don’t let the name fool you; Grandma is anything but! It’s a gorgeous, warm coral orange that pops.


Nylon, created to match the color of Nylon Magazine’s logo, is a stunning hot pink. I felt like I had to give you a sassy pose for my full-face picture, LOL. I also felt the need to share with you all the Nylon-hotpink-type stuffs in my pocketbook the day I wore this Lip Tar:

As usual, Lip Tars deliver for me. Long-lasting, eye-popping and beautiful. I’ve been telling you how much I love a bold lip lately, and these are right up my alley this fall!

Lip Tar packaging has evolved over the last couple years. Check out my new loves with my old ones:

I love the new tube packaging. My only complaint is that the name of the color erases so easy, which is a problem I have on some of my older ones, too.

Also, I also love that Grandma came with a small brush, both tucked inside a plastic packet. These lippies are potent and highly-pigmented – so to have a little pocket for my brush AND the Lip Tar seems like a good idea to protect my purse or cosmetic bag. However, the first time I opened Grandma up (ugh, that just sounds….wrong LOL), the plastic pocket broke; the zipper works, but the plastic separated below it from the zipper leaving it just open. Can you see what I mean in this pic?

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics will be at The Makeup Show Orlando, and I’m excited to see what they’ve got (and of course do a little more Lip Tar shopping!). I’ve never bought any of their nail polish, although I’ve tried their loose pigments and I love them.

Have you tried Lip Tars yet? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!