Cosmoprof 2012: Orly’s Got the BLING


Orly had lots of flash and “fire” to display last month at Cosmoprof North America (held July 22-24 in Las Vegas)!

By now you may have heard of Orly’s answer to the glitter craze: Flash Glam.

Talk about a rainbow of glitter! All 22 of these shades are currently available.

Here’s a couple close-ups!

My Orly “tour guide,” John, had one of the Flash Glam polishes on his thumbs:

On the left is Monster Mash by itself and Monster Mash over black.

Moving right along…September 1st is the debut date for Orly’s Fired Up collection:

Fired Up is a blaze of red and gold, with a nice, random neutral. Check out Flicker, a duo orange/red/bronzey:

Gorgeous! I love that companies are giving us these lit-from-within, beautiful duochromes! Duo is my favorite!

Ok. Up next is Halloween, which is a display of repromotes from Flash Glam and Orly’s black creme, Liquid Vinyl:

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Orly is donating 20% of the proceeds from sales of its Pretty in Pink repromotes to Cancer Schmancer:

This display of repromotes are from Flash Glam, but with a cute little pink ribbon charm.

Have you seen Orly’s Magnetic FX polishes?

I love the magnet effect of the blue polish! Each one has a different magnet included with purchase. Price point is $15 a bottle.

Finally, we have Orly Holiday, Naughty or Nice:

Nice glitters, but I’m surprised how many reds that Orly is coming out with for the second half of 2012!

Jeff Pink, founder and CEO of Orly, is credited with creating the French manicure, and now the company is producing three French Manicure kits – Foil FX, Cosmic FX and Neon FX – to give you the polishes and idea for a DIY manicure at home:

To wrap things up, I’ve got one more share! At the top of the post is a picture of Orly’s Gel FX polishes. Here’s a look at spring and fall colors being added to the collection:

Orly debuted its Gel FX product at last year’s Cosmoprof show.

So what do you think about Orly’s upcoming and new collections?! I need more Flash Glam in my life. I have a couple of these polishes that I haven’t featured on BeautyJudy yet, but I love them! I’m also looking forward to some of those fall polishes, and checking out the glitters again from holiday.

What’s got your interested piqued?! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Also – note about comments. You may have noticed that I added a Captcha, finally. I was getting spammed and tired of deleting so many comments. Of course, me, the person that hates math, ends up adding a math Captcha. I’m going to look into a better, non-mathematical Captcha soon. Thanks!