What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag for CosmoProf?

Today is the day!! I’m jetting off to Las Vegas for CosmoProf!

Image from CosmoProf website

My high school best friend and I are leaving this morning, arriving in the afternoon, for a couple days of touristy fun together. Then Sunday, the conference starts!

I hope you’ll follow me on this venture as I bring you news from our favorite brands, and information about up and coming brands! Last year I covered the heck out of it and this year I plan the same! My calendar is packed with appointments! I’ll do my best to share things via social media, while also taking pics and notes for BeautyJudy.com posts! Here are all the ways you can follow me for CosmoProf news!

If you click on that CosmoProf link in the first line above, you’ll notice that I’m one of several media partners in attendance, so there will be other fabulous bloggers chronicling the news from this conference, as well! I’m excited to reunite with some of my favorite fellow beauty and nail polish bloggers, and meet several more!

And please, let me know the brands and news you are curious about! Orly’s holiday collection? Looking for glitters? Looking for unique colors? Let me know what news you can use! Email me at beautyjudyblog@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post!

So why the big picture of some makeup there? Well, it’s what’s in my travel makeup bag!!

I learned some valuable lessons about how to effectively and smartly pack my makeup bag for CosmoProf by attending last year’s show, and I didn’t apply any of it to packing for this year. Ha! I am probably just as over-makeup-packed as I was last year!

I’m going to break down what I packed! I’ll just go into general details as you can see there’s lots of stuff I’d have to detail and eh, this is supposed to be a fun, general post!


I’m going to primarily rely on the combination of my Maybelline BB Cream and Laura Geller Powder, but my Clinique Redness Solutions foundation is a staple, and you can’t go wrong with It Cosmetics’ HD Finishing Powder!


Here we have an assortment of lippies for a five day trip. Clearly, the amount of lipppies I need for a five-day trip compared with the number I’ve packed…My math is off. LOL. There are nude lipsticks and glosses to be paired with brighter eye looks; bright oranges and pinks for those days when I wake up after getting only a couple hours of sleep and don’t plan on eyemakeup; and other nice pinks, like Primrose Path from Evil Shades, that will go with a lot of my eye makeup.  I’m obsessed with lippies, so there you have it.


Ah, yes. Eyeshadows. As much as I could plan my eye looks based on the outfits I brought, I still feel like I need options. So there’s the Inglot Rainbow Matte collection (which is probably way more color and selection than I need and probably shouldn’t bother bringing the others). But I have other palettes for neutral eye looks ( to pair with those bright pink and orange lips) and other palettes that just have shimmery colors I want on hand. There’s Sleek, Urban Decay and Glamour Doll Eyes represented in this photo.

A girl needs eyeliners to go with those potential eye looks with those palettes! Also included in my bag is a Hard Candy lash glittery thing (I can’t remember the name…and I don’t feel like unpacking it!), and my Maybelline Mega Plush mascara (not pictured). Yes. I’m obsessed with Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil liners. Also packed but not shown are false lashes from MUFE. Some ofthe other bloggers have inspired me to give them a go.


Keeping it simple here. My blush palette from Inglot, and my favorite pink blush, Gossamer from Evil Shades.


I need something to apply all that makeup, right?! My tools aren’t so overbearing. I will be bringing brush cleaner to maintain them. They actually all needed a cleaning prior to flight!


This is my makeup bag! It’s got “FOTD inside” embroidered on it. It’s wide enough that the 20-pan Inglot palette fits in flat on the base. I reviewed this bag, from Simply-Bags.com, here a while ago. I like the shape and build of this makeup bag, and it has two outside pockets that I can put my tools in, and although you see a metric crap-ton of makeup here, I still have PLENTY of room for more.


What do you do when you pack for a trip? Do you overpack or underpack – or do you get it just right?!