Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I saw Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara at Walmart last week while grocery shopping, and it took a nanosecond for me to decide it was coming home with me. From there, it only took one day of wear for it to become my new Holy Grail mascara.

I picked up Mega Plush in Very Black, Waterproof. Let’s start off with some basics about the mascara!

The ingredients are:

Mega Plush is Maybelline’s first gel-mousse mascara. According to Maybelline’s website, the formula for Mega Plush has 40% less hard waxes, which contribute to a more flexible coating. I took a tiny bit of it and rubbed it between my fingers, and it feels almost silky to the touch.

Here’s a shot of Mega Plush’s “Flexor brush”:

It’s very springy when you use it, and here’s me bending it with my finger to show that spring:

Mega Plush promises the following on the packaging:

  • Massive & supple volume
  • No brittle feel to your lashes
  • Coats lashes gently

Did it deliver?

First, I curled my lashes with an eyelash curler. Then I applied one coat of Mega Plush:

Application was easy. I could feel the slight bounce of the flexible brush as I covered my lashes. It applied very smooth. Coverage-wise, not bad, I thought. Looks natural. But I wanted to see what this mascara was capable of, so I continued layering it, and this is where I ended up:

I loved how my lashes looked! Full and long, definitely not brittle and hard.

For me, Mega Plush definitely delivered on all of its packaging promises!

I noticed that at the end of a long workday, I do get a little bit of mascara under my eye, but it’s close to the lower lash line and barely noticable, and cleaned up in a second with a Q-tip if needed.

I wore Mega Plush alone a couple times, with eyeliner once, and of course, with shadows. Almost everytime I wore it, I received a compliment on my lashes. How crazy is that – I’ve had folks compliment my eye makeup, but never ask me what my mascara is because my lashes look good! Thanks, Maybelline! Obviously, this one is a keeper!

Mega Plush is part of the Volum’Express mascara line. While it appears sold out on the Maybelline website, I got mine at Walmart and there was a huge display! It was either $5.49 or $5.99. I can’t remember specifically! I’m guessing we’ll see this start popping up wherever Maybelline is sold. At least, I hope so!!

For fun, here’s a pic of one of my weekend EOTD (it’s slightly blurry, I took it for Instagram!), using Mega Plush, Inglot Rainbow Matte shadows (103R, 109R, 113R, 114R, 119R), and MAC Petrol Blue PearlGlide Intense Eye Liner:

Have you tried Mega Plush yet? What’s your Holy Grail mascara?