Inglot Nail Polish #992

Last week, when I had time off for the Fourth of July holiday, my mom and I went to New York City for the day. We decided to brave the 90+ degree heat, took the train up, and wandered over from Penn Station to Times Square when we arrived.

Our first stop? Inglot!

I should probably show you my haul, because it’s makeup and it’s fun, but I’m not proud. I hadn’t bought anything there for quite some time – actually, since last summer, when they released the Rainbow Mattes and the 20-pan palette! But trust me I made up for lost time, going bananas at the Freedom System bar, creating my own blush palette (four new pretties!) and picking up a handful of shadows, including three from the new Hawaiian Bar collection!

On top of picking up new shadows and blushes, I picked up three new polishes. This one, #992, was the one I was most excited to put on my digits!

No matter how hard I tried I could not get the amazing purple glow of this polish to show up too well in my photos. This is an amazing blurple shimmer! And trust me, the glow is there on the nail, it’s just hard to spot in certain lighting. I could see it best in my house.

I decided I don’t have enough nail stamping in my life these days, so I dusted off one of my tip plates (I can’t even remember if it’s from Bundle Monster or one of the two other places online I’ve gotten stamping plates from) and grabbed some bling (from a Bundle Monster nail art wheel) and fancied up my mani:

This polish was easy to apply, and opaque in two coats. I kept this mani for two days with no chips!

I am not sure if 992 is part of the core line, or a recent addition, but I love it from the color to the formula.

After Inglot, my mom and I cabbed it down to the Financial District to visit a circus of a discounted brand name merch known as Century 21. It was a total zoo, and we walked away empty-handed. It’s probably something I should do on my own, when I’m not worried about how many pairs of sandals I’ve tried on while Mom is looking around, bored.

But the next block over is the World Trade Center site, and my mom and I stopped and reflected for a moment on 9/11. We didn’t do the tour, but I’ve never visited Ground Zero and it was quite emotional. I won’t go on and on, but it was a nice part of our trip to NYC and one I won’t forget. I took this pic from the corner we were standing at:

So there you go. I love NYC. AND Inglot! Have you tried Inglot’s polishes? What do you think?