Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, my American friends!

I decided to glitz out my nails for this year’s holiday with a healthy dose of glitter complementing my red, white and blue! Check it out!

For my patriotic mani, I used:

  • China Glaze White Out – two coats on every nail
  • Cult Nails Evil Queen for nail art on each nail
  • Crayola Nail Polish in Blueberry for nail art on each nail.
  • Naild’It Indie-pen-dance Grand Finale (from an Etsy shop) – two coats on every nail except flag nails
  • Four silver stars for each middle finger for flag; stars are from an Art Club nail art wheel.

I loved how it turned out! I love how packed with glitter my nails are, to the point of being rough and if I’m not careful, catching on things!

When I was putting my mani supplies away and settling down to write this post, Mike asked to see my nails. I showed my hands to him and…

 “Your nails inspire me to go outside and have a Roman Candle fight.”

I don’t know who he would fight with, but I’m glad my nails inspire visions of fireworks?! Hahaha (for those who may not know – Roman Candle is a type of firework!)

Happy Independence Day!! Be safe and have fun!