Cosmoprof 2012: From Around the Show Floor

There were plenty of companies to visit and chat with at Cosmoprof North America. I’ve compiled here a smattering of my random visits and bits of information I learned as I traveled around the exhibit hall! After this post, I will have lots more brand-by-brand features like my OPI post the other day!

Rock Your Hair

During the show’s first afternoon, I complained about how my hair lacked volume while chatting with Maria from Cult Nails. She swore by Rock Your Hair, which was showcasing product a couple aisles over. I decided to check out the brand.

I walked up to the booth – a sea of pink! – and immediately met Michael O’Rourke, the creator. I told him that my friend advised me he would be able to tell me how to volumize my hair. Michael decided that instead of just telling me about his amazing Bombshell Big Hair Powder, he was going to show me! He got up close and personal in my hair as he poured what felt like a ton of this product into my hair, and literally whipped my do up into shape!:

I can tell you I did not complain about volume in my hair the rest of the day! I wish I had a picture of the end result!

Here’s bottle shots of some of the other Rock Your Hair products. Michael, who launched Sexy Hair in a previous life, is spot-on with these hot pink bottles adorned with rhinestones!

This was by far one of the prettiest booths! And you can bet I’ll be buying my very own bottle of Bombshell!!

Ardell Lashes

American International Industries, the brand behind China Glaze, Seche Vite and Poshe, is also behind Ardell lashes!

AII had a small booth set up where they were offering free lash applications. One of the media reps for the brand convinced me to get mine done, especially since I mentioned how badly I stink at applying falsies!

Here’s me before application:

(see how flat my hair is?! This is when I was complaining to Maria about lack of volume, hahaha!)

My eyes before application:

Here’s the eye lashes the makeup artist used:

Here’s the Duo glue:

My eye on the right is done! On the left is still bare!:

Look, I have pretty false eye lashes!:

It’s neat how the lashes flair out to complement my eye shadow application!

What was awesome was how great and in place these Ardell lashes stayed – I removed them after maybe five or six hours? And they weren’t lifting or anything. I never saw myself as a potential false lashes kinda girl, but now I can’t wait to reuse these puppies and take ’em for another spin!

 Duri Cosmetics

Duri Cosmetics didn’t have its fall collection on display at Cosmoprof NA, but take a look at its pretty summer collection!

The company also displayed these cute gifts you will soon be able to buy on the Duri website:

Also, the company has reformulated its popular base coat, Rejuvacote, and is calling it Rejuvacote 2:

Rejuvacote 2 does not contain formaldehyde, while the original does.

Rejuvacote is currently my go-to base coat, and I can tell you it has done WONDERS for my nails, helping me to grow them longer with less peeling. I’m excited to try Rejuvacote 2 when it comes out (my local beauty shop carries original Rejuvacote, I’m hoping to score it there!).


LVX, pronounced “lux,” is a brand new nail polish company from a sister-brother duo. Branka, the brand’s creative force, creates seasonal palettes after spending hours watching fashion shows, reading up on trends and studying the runways around the world. The brand is five- and cruelty-free, and aspires to be a brand that people can trust for an intimate, on-trend collection every season. At Cosmoprof, the duo showed off their summer and fall collections!

Here’s Summer 2012:

Here’s Fall 2012:

Some bottle shots – this is a close-up of summer:

A lone bottle, from summer:

The bottle shape reminds me of Nars’, except the caps are glossy. I’ll be reviewing the summer collection for you soon, and I look forward to reading the press materials for it to see what specific inspirations were used to create the palette!

 Creative Professional

Creative Professional (or Creative Hair Tools) has a wide selection of brushes, combs and other hair necessities, like shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

Creative was especially excited to show off its T-Curve Ceramic brush, which has a rounded triangle shape:

It has nylon and boar bristles, and the ceramic cools after styling as quickly as it heats during styling. The snag-free brush, which can help give your hair volume, provides great control and minimizes time while styling. T-Curve retails for between $22 and $25 and can be found in retail department stores, like Saks Fifth Avenue or on the Creative website. T-Curve is one product in one line of Creative brushes; the brand has 15 lines, including its Birchwood Collection!

QRS Beauty

I was personally excited to see QRS Beauty rocking a booth at Cosmoprof! QRS recently rebranded its polish line – from the bottles to the name! The line used to be called Quirius by QRS Beauty, now the bottles simply say QRS Beauty. I love the color range of this brand, and the deal where you can purchase any six for $20!

 The Painted Nail

A group of us beauty bloggers had dinner with Katie Cazorla, owner of The Painted Nail salon and star of the TV Guide Network reality show, The Nail Files (which premieres August 19, so looking forward to it!). Katie shared with us lots of neat nail couture – including 3D nails that you can reuse – but what struck me most was the nail color she’s coming out with in a couple weeks! Check out these swatches:

Those two duchrome polishes look gorgeous, and check out that glitter top coat! Here are neons, a Louboutin red and coral that are also launching:

Katie is moving on from her collaboration with Nubar, and creating these new polishes – and the other nail couture products – under her own brand! Katie is so charismatic and friendly – she’s a true nail fanatic at heart! What you see on TV is what you get!

I posted pics of some of her other new products – the 3D nails and nail jewelry – on Instagram! If you don’t follow me yet, click here to follow me and see them!

So have you seen anything so far that piques your interest? I’m looking forward to Katie’s new polishes, picking up a bottle of Rock Your Hair Bombshell Powder, and trying LVX nail polish!

What about you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!!