You Can’t Go to Comic Con Without Geek Nail Art

I am the daughter of a hardcore “Trekker” – (the term “Trekkies,” my father says, refers to baby Trek fans) – and I have been to more than one Shore Leave Convention (Star Trek/sci-fi fantasy convention) in my lifetime. My dad has been on the cover of a daily newspaper weekend “things to do in the area” insert wearing a Star Trek costume, with my stepmother in hers and a family friend’s daughter in hers. When I was a teenager and we were taking family photos, my dad and stepmom decided it would be fun to take a family photo in Star Trek costumes. At the time, I looked great in a Uhura costume. My mother would die. Thank God she will never see the pic, and she doesn’t read my blog.

Me and my dad, I don’t remember what he was dressed as but I believe he entered the costume contest…it was summer before sixth grade…You didn’t really think I was going to post that family Trek costume photo, now, did you? haha

Anyway. I grew up with a very love-hate, mostly hate, relationship with Star Trek. Of course, that all changed when I was nearing middle school age and I decided that Wesley Crusher from ST: TNG was a hottie. Suddenly, I didn’t mind watching episodes of Star Trek. I’m pretty sure my dad and stepmom were on to me.

I met Marina Sirtis, who played Deanna Troy on ST: TNG. She had these cactus earrrings that totally fascinated me.

Speaking of boys and Trek. I met a boy at the hotel pool during a con who had nothing to do with the convention; and I almost had my first kiss that year! I believe I was 12. I ended up not having my first kiss for four more years. Many years later, when I was in college and I went with a couple friends, I paid $5 to have my friend Bob arrested by Klingons.

So, now that you’ve got my back story…

On Saturday, Mike and I went to Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. Mike is a bit of a geek, loves comics, loves playing a D&D-like game with his friends once a month. In my advanced age, I’ve become a bit of a geek myself. Perhaps I should say, I am a fan of the geek. Either way you slice it, it’s still bread.

I decided no nail gal can go to something so big without appropriate nail art. So, being the non artist that I am, I gathered my little palette, brushes, tons of polish (as seen in the first photo at the top) and set to to figuring out what nail art I would do for each nail.

I decided on:

Here’s a description, from thumb to pinky:

  • Thumb: Captain America’s shield. I used two coats of PeaceKeeper Cause-metics Soulful, and Basic White and Classic Red Nail Art Pens by Nubar to create the shield and star.
  • Pointer/index finger: Geeky smiley emoticon. I used two coats of Milani High Speed Fast Dry Yellow Whiz. Then I dabbed on eyes and smile with Basic White Nail Pen by Nubar, gave the emoticon blue eyes with Essence Colour & Go polish in Underwater, and used Nubar Nail Art Pen in Black for the glasses and part of the smile.
  • Middle finger: Classic Star Trek insignia. I used two coats of Essence Colour & Go Underwater, Nubar Nail Art Pen in Black for the star and outline of the insignia, and L’Oreal Gorgeous Gold for the insignia itself.
  • Ring finger: Superman symbol. I used one coat of Milani High Speed Fast Dry White on the Spot, then two coats of a mini neon blue shimmer from Claire’s. I did the outline and ‘S’ with Classic Red Nubar Nail Art Pen and filled in the yellow with Sunny Yellow Nubar Nail Art Pen.
  • Pinky: Tribble. I used two coats of Anise Sun Soaker. Then I combined Milani Chocolate Sprinkles, A Rose Mylady and Morning Coffee to dab on the Tribble.

An artist? No. Not whatsoever. In fact, the only thing that I was really proud of was the Tribble hahaha.

But man, I had a blast doing this!

I also did up my makeup for the con!

I took the photos at the end of the day, so my bright purpley-pink lip gloss was gone. But here’s what I wore on my eyes:

  • Aromaleigh Binary all over lid, up to brow for highlight. It looks lime green in the jar, but it has a purple-pink shift to it, it’s gorgeous and unique!
  •  Darling Girl Cosmetics Mean Streets of Pasadena (from the new Nerdvana collection) in the outer crease into the middle of the crease, and on my lower lid, three-quarters towards the inside of my eye.
  • Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock in the middle of my lid blended, and in the middle of my lower lid.
  • Fyrinnae Anemone in the inside corner of my lower and upper lids, and blended into Futuristic Glamrock.
  • Milani Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector

That’s my tale of geekery, complete with makeup and nail art, and disturbing family memories. I took pics of some of the celebrities I saw – Dean Cain, Melissa Joan Hart, Lou Ferrigno, for example – but they came out blurry. I didn’t take other photos, I was so busy taking everything in! Wish I’d gotten a peak at Chris Hemsworth, although he doesn’t do it for me. Oh, and I also purchased this, because Dexter is one of my favorite, all-time shows:

Have you ever been to a Comic Con?! Star Trek convention?! Aren’t they COOL!? Share your thoughts in the comments below!