Windestine Swimming with the Sharks

Last week I posted one of the polishes I picked up on Etsy a while back, and today I’ve got another one. I have bought from about five different Etsy sales people, and I can’t give feedback on all of them because I haven’t gotten all my polishes yet, but this is one I’m definitely happy with: Windestine Swimming with the Sharks.

Swimming with the Sharks is a beautiful glitter array – let me see if I can get this right: white matte diamonds, light blue squares, regular blue- and steel-colored glitter, small hex silver glitters, and fine particles of glitter floating in a clear base. The first thing I noticed about this polish, aside from the variety, was how packed the glitter is in the base, and I had no problem getting a sampling of the variety onto my nails. Here’s a close-up of the bottle:

I used Swimming with the Sharks over China Glaze Splish Splash:

I received many compliments on my mani and I didn’t want to take it off – it’s two of my favorites: blue and glitter!

I used one coat, with an enhancement here and there.

This polish arrived with an invoice form and a note (I ordered from one person that just shipped the polish, no note or anything!) that said, “Thank you for purchasing from my shop, I hope you like the polish! Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues/comments! Freda.” I love those personal touches!

Swimming with the Sharks cost $7.50, plus $2.50 shipping & handling.

Windestine is definitely a shop I’ll be returning to. Right now, it looks like the shop has nothing for sale, but you can read the updates and follow Windestine’s updates on Facebook here for more information about when sales happen.

What do you think of this glittery shark attack?!