Red Carpet Lacquer Col. Mustard

I went wandering around glitters on Etsy a while ago, and came across Red Carpet Lacquer!

I ended up with four of the indie brand’s glitters, including the one I’ve got to share today, Colonel Mustard!

Colonel Mustard (which I tried to go back and verify is indeed a homage to Clue, but I don’t see it for sale on the site anymore) is a gorgeous spicy mustard lacquer. Golden yellow mixed with copper penny-colored regular and small hex glitters. Check out Colonel Mustard next to the real thing:

So close!

The different size glitter matches the different size specks in the mustard!

So how does this all translate on the nail?!

Why, HELLO gorgeous! This is Colonel Mustard, two coats. This was fun!

I believe I spent $8 for my Colonel Mustard. I was impressed with how quickly my four choices arrived (I also ordered Mastermind, Toro and Hitter). I also loved how it arrived, packaged in a cute little red tie bag!

It’s those little touches that I love from indie companies!

What do you think of Colonel Mustard? Ever bought from Red Carpet Lacquer? I am pleased with brand so far!