Random, Recent and New Orlys

Over the course of the last month or so, I have picked up four pretty rad Orly polishes that come from three different collections! (I also picked up three new glitter bombs but they will get their own post!) The four pretties I purchased are:

  • After Party, from Feel the Vibe Collection (Summer). Purchased at Ulta.
  • Mysterious Curse, from the Dark Shadows Collection (movie-compatible release). Purchased at Ulta.
  • Preamp, from Electronica Collection (?). Purchased at Image Beauty.
  • Synchro, from Electronica Collection (?). Purchased at Image Beauty.

As a side note, I tried to find out more information about the Electronica Collection, which appears to be a four-piece collection judging from the display I saw at Image Beauty, but the Orly PR rep hasn’t yet responded to my email.

Anyway, I thought these polishes were pretty and unique and deserving of some swatches and attention!

Mysterious Curse:

Mysterious Curse is a gorgeous duochrome – a rich blue and purple shifting shimmer! This was my only must-have from the Dark Shadows Collection, and I am not disappointed! I went very papparazzi on it when I took pics. You can see it looks a little brush strokey in the flash picture (the last one) but it looks smooth in the others. This polish applied very opaque and well.

After Party:

After Party is … as if the duochrome of Mysterious Curse was broken down into purple and blue shimmer pieces, and maintain distinct personalities in the bottle instead of shifting as one. It’s a pretty and vampy glitter combination and it’s the one that stuck out at me from the Feel the Vibe Collection. While I love the neons, After Party was, for me, the unique polish to pick from that collection!


 Preamp is a gorgeous mauve-leaning pink with pink shimmer. It’s feminine and pretty, but different. I don’t know that I own anything quite like this. I have pinks like this with shimmer, but not the glowing pink shimmer of this one. My photos don’t even capture the glow of this polish! Also, good formula.


Synchro is another duochrome, a berry shimmer that shifts blue! I geeked out when I swatched this. It’s a strong duochrome, and I’m pretty sure there are no dupes for this in my collection, either. Another one that applied well, and was pretty opaque. Flash pictures do not do these types of polishes any justice.

I picked these pretties up for their color, and was not disappointed when I got them on my nails! Have you picked up any of these polishes? Have you seen Synchro in real life yet?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!