The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 05/29/2012

My new tattoo! Can you tell what it is?

This week I don’t have any advice or discoveries on my weight loss journey – ooh! Except for Zombies, Run!, but more on that in a sec! But I wanted to share with you my experience getting my first tattoo! Which is something I’ve done that while not necessarily on my weight loss journey, is something I’ve wanted to do in my life’s journey!

Ok, back quickly to Zombies, Run! It’s a app I downloaded for my iPhone, that I used this week for the first time. I downloaded it a while ago, thinking I would finish 5K training, then play with this. Well, since I’ve mastered the 5K, I finally delved into it!

I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill and could have easily kept going! It’s a plotline about entering a town where zombies have run rampant…and you’re on a mission as Runner 5…and you collect things along the way…and your music also plays in between story lines…it’s SO. Much. FUN. Easiest, quickest 40 minutes ever! It’s some of the best money I’ve spent on an app. I know some runners are purists when it comes to running – no music, just concentrating on form and breathing – but I need that entertainment while I’m working out! I highly recommend it! Oh. And zombies. Gotta love zombies!

So back to this week’s excitement…the scale? Very little change. But I finally realized one of my wishes for several years – to get a tattoo. I held off for years for a couple reasons – I’m terrified of needles, and I wasn’t sure of anything enough to get it inked permanently on my body.

But I finally did it. And I survived my fear of needles – Mike says he can’t believe I got a tattoo, even one that took all of probably three minutes, because, and I quote, “you would have thought they were trying to kill you when they were giving you the IV when you had your gall bladder attack.” Meh. That was different. IVs, as all other needles, just scare the heck out of me!

Getting a tattoo did hurt. I didn’t expect to be poked like I do with needles, so I had no idea how it might feel, but the sensation was like being cut very lightly. It was more an annoying pain than anything, and it hurt worse the closer my tattoo artist got to my hand.

I choose to get the constellation, Cassiopeia:

And yes, that’s a photo taken of Cassiopeia from my Night Sky app on my iPhone! Because yes, I like to look at the night sky, a lot.

When I was in college, I took astronomy my first semester senior year. While I hated – and did poorly at – the math in that class, I was enamored with the stars. I’ve always loved the night sky. I was ridiculously excited when our professor took us all to a local park to watch the Leonid meteor shower that fall.

Aside from loving meteor showers – which I’ve been known to watch while lying on the hood of my car in the middle of the night, or setting my alarm for at 4 a.m. to catch a glimpse of one or two out the back door before going back to bed – I love the constellations.

There are two I recognize easily upon first glance at the sky. Orion and Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia was the first constellation that was easily recognizable for me, and I have always felt grounded looking at her. I have that Night Sky app to help me learn the rest of the constellations, and their meanings!

When I stare at the sky at night, sometimes it gives me the feeling of being small, like standing next to the ocean might for some. I sometimes feel emotional, it is so beautiful to me. It is romantic, it is amazing and it is the great unknown. Seeing the milky way, watching meteors…it’s all part of the beauty of nature. Some like flowers and forests, I love the night sky!

Anyway. I’ve really prattled on. My tattoo has a meaning for me, it’s a symbol of my love for star gazing and meteor showers. And I couldn’t be happier with it! How about another look?!

The Stats

Weight at start of the week: 198.8 lbs.

Weight at end of the week: 199 lbs.

That’s a total of .2 lbs gained, for a grand total of 21.2 lbs down.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Use Vegas as my motivation to finally get the scale to MOOVE.
  • Run three times this week with Zombies, Run!
  • No Mister Softee this week. It’s my at-work down fall sometimes.

How’s your week, friends? Found any fun tools to help you enjoy exercising? What about you – do you have a tattoo? What does it mean to you?