The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 05/22/2012

Me on Saturday with TD, the TD Bank mascot. We stopped by the bank’s grand opening when I was in Rehoboth Beach!

Do you ever excercise outside? In the afternoon? Mid-morning? Now that it is lighter later, I am happy to take my running outside after work. While I won’t worry about the sun too much at that time, on the weekends when I go out, I will.

I wasn’t thinking much about sunscreen for outdoors exercising until this past weekend, when Mike and I were in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We spent a good chunk of time outside, from the time we got there in the morning until the time we collapsed in an exhausted heap on our hotel bed for a quick nap around dinner time.

While enjoying the beautiful, warm weather, we unknowingly got burnt on our exposed skin.

Now, I’m pale. And I burn. So if I’m in the sun I’m usually using something that will protect me. But it just completely escaped me the other day. I didn’t think we would need sunscreen – while I know the sun can burn you from behind the clouds, the weather reports I saw called for a mostly cloudy day with wind. So I wore a shirt that came down past my elbows, khaki pants and didn’t worry.

It didn’t take long to feel the sting of the bright red on the back of my neck/shoulders, and in little patches on my forearms and front of my neck! Here’s a pic of my sunburn, two days later, after a run:

How annoying to wear a sports bra over that and run…

And so this all reminds me of something essential for outdoors exercising – whether it’s summer or winter – a water and sweat-proof sunscreen. My weekend burn reminded me to dust mine off and put it in a place that I will remember to apply it every time I go out to exercise.

This is the one I have:

It will be my new, weekend best friend!

The Stats

Weight at start of the week: 199.4 lbs.

Weight at end of the week: 198.8 lbs.

That’s a total of .6 lbs lost, for a grand total of 21.4 lbs down.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Remember to apply my sunscreen this coming weekend while exercising!
  • Run, but also take a class, perhaps Piloxing on Wednesday, that is unrelated. I’ve been jogging but not good with balancing it out with other exercise.
  • No excuses for not hitting the gym – included!

So what about you friends? Do you apply sunscreen before exercise? Or is it something you have to get better at?