Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, which included four prizes!

I drew my winners in a very old fashioned way, enlisting the help of Mike when Timmy wouldn’t cooperate. As soon as I asked him if he was going to help me pick names, he jumped off the couch and scurried into the kitchen. I think my poor kitteh even hid under the kitchen table. I guess he doesn’t like sniffing out winners!

Mike decided to pretend he was Timmy looking into the zipper pouch I put all the cut-up names into:

I didn’t have a ton of entries in this contest. So I had him choose the international winner first. I put the slips of paper face down and asked him to pick one. He chose:

Congratulations, Michelle! She won $20!

Next up was for one of three Color Club Collections. After going back and forth with the winners and offering them their first or second choice, here’s how the collections shook out. The winner of Foiled was:

Allison! Congratulations! (And that’s Allison with two ll’s, I was rushing as I jotted down the names so it’s misspelled in my photo!)

The winner of Backstage Pass was:

Congratulations, Dominique!

The winner of Beyond the Mistletoe was:

Congratulations, Courtney!

I think Courtney is the only one of the winners with a blog. If I’m mistaken, ladies please let me know and I’ll add your links, too! But in the meantime, check out Courtney’s tumblr: Courtney’s Mind Grapes. Her nails are fantastic!

Thanks again to all who participated. I already sent the $20, and now I have to find some packing material and I’ll be shipping off the bunch of polishes to their new homes!

Woo hoo!