The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 04/26/2012

I’ve been gone for a little while, I know. So much going on! I don’t even have a picture to put at the top of the post!

The date of my last Beauty Loser update was the date I started a new role at work. I’ve thrown myself into it, loving it, and I’ve been devoting some of my free time to bone up on this new leg of my communications career! Since then I’ve also been house hunting on the weekends and weeknights, which I admit, Mike and I became obsessed with; then, the two of us hit a little snag in what we are hoping will be a happily-ever-after tale. We are still working it out but send us good vibes, friends…

Needless to say, with so much going on, I have let myself use excuses as to why I’m eating Three Musketeer bars and not pears for a snack at work. Why I’m dipping Old Bay-seasoned French fries into melted American Cheese instead of forkfuls of salad into light or fat free dressing at dinner. The truth is, I wouldn’t be struggling with weight loss if dealing with these temptations weren’t an issue. My motivation definitely hit a wall and I’m in desperate need of recovery before all my hard work thus far is lost.

What I have done right is continue to attend Weight Watchers meetings. It’s hard lately, as I’m taking a Saturday class, and my meeting is an hour before the class starts. So I stay for part of it, only to jet off to class halfway through it. But I do go.

This week, I have found new motivation. I was over 220 lbs. when I went to CosmoProf last summer. Right now, I am 200 lbs. And this week I made the decision that I am planning to attend CosmoProf again this summer. This decision, right there, was like a cracked whip for my motivation. It’s back, friends. At attention. I am ready. My goal is to lose at least another 20 to 25 lbs. before the trip. I want to look amazing! Well, I try to feel amazing now, too, but you know what I mean!

So this is just a quickie update on The Beauty Loser, and to tell you it will be back to regularly scheduled programming (or rather, weekly updates!) starting this Tuesday!

How have you been doing on your life goals and if applicable, weight loss journey? Share with me below!