Flakie Combo with L’Oreal and Finger Paints

I fell in love with a layering combo I did and wanted to share it. Do I have tons more Milani Cosmetics nail polishes and makeup to share with you? Yes. Jessica’s spring collection, Heavy Petals? Yes. Color Club’s Blossoming? Yes. I also have my picks from OPI’s Holland collection, Cult Nails’ Nekkid collection, Deborah Lippmann spring and PLENTY of other things to share.

But I want to share this today!

Before I launch into pretty-pretty pictures, I have to say, I’m on week three or four of a once-a-week piloxing class, and oh-my-gosh is it kicking my big butt. I mean, typing right now feels like a major effort. The instructor is amazing. Amazing in a torturous way. Oh, and note to self: remember to eat a protein-enriched snack prior to hitting the gym because you will starve and lack energy during said torture – er – piloxing class. I am loving the decision I made to join the gym I did!

One more thing…I have all types of change on the horizon! Including a new role at work that I start on Monday! I’m moving into a media relations specialist role vs. the internal communications role I am in right now. It’s a great opportunity and I can’t wait to get started. Funny, I am always dealing with PR reps for my blog, and I did it as a journalist and managing editor for more than a dozen years, and now I’m going to be one. Needless to say, I can’t wait to learn a new skill set and grow – even if it is a bit scary to want change! I heard Gloria Steinem speak last fall, and she said, “Fear is good. Fear means that you’re growing.” Amen!

Needless to say, my week has been crazy as I transition, and that’s probably why I forgot my snack before the gym today!

But seriously, you came for nail polish, not my babbling, right?! Let’s hop to it…

Friends, meet L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris. This polish is one of the new colors they released a couple months (maybe more?) ago…

This rich, bright blue makes my heart sing. Have I mentioned how much I love blue?! *smiles*

I decided that while pretty – and by the way, a great formula with easy application – I needed to add some flair to it. I decided that flair would be Finger Paints Motley from the flakie top coat collection the company released recently.

*Swoon* I loved this combination! It looks a little like Earth. I wish I’d thought to put a matte top coat over this, because it would have been neat.

I doubt you will find Motley at Sally’s. You can probably find Jet Set to Paris in-line with L’Oreal where it’s sold. I picked mine up at Rite Aid.

Have you done any layering combos recently that you are excited about?

Oh, and stay tuned, friends. GIVEAWAY COMING SOON to BEAUTYJUDY.COM! It’s been a really long time but I want to recognize my blogiversary and say thank you by giving you stuff!