The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 2/14/2012

Me in my outfit Saturday night, for my Valentine’s date with Mike. We ate at a nice restaurant and then watched a movie at home.

Hearts and kisses, friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I wanted to step outside of my usual weekly weight loss report and help you look in the mirror and give yourself some much-deserved love!

Because how can we give and receive love if we don’t love ourselves, first?!

Why the heck would I do this, you may be wondering? Why not just a typical Valentine’s NOTD? Well, as a Thirty-One consultant, I learned about a new charity called Thirty-One Gives that started up this year. The dollars received by this charity are filtered to organizations whose goal it is to empower women. My interest in the charity was piqued, so I went on the site to learn more; the statistics that I read shocked me, and made me realize that we women do not give ourselves enough love.

Did you know that only 2% of us women think we’re beautiful? Did you know that 62% of girls are insecure about themselves – and that self esteem peaks at age 9? A surprising 27% of single mothers with custody of their children live in poverty. (These statistics I found on the Thirty-One Gives website). How sobering; these statistics made me pause and think about what I see when I look into the mirror, and wonder how I can be more empowered.

And just as importantly, how can I help empower other women?

I’m a big believer in sharing compliments. I have complimented other women on their jewelry, sweaters, makeup or nail polish. It’s nice to be nice, and it’s nice to tell someone that a choice they made that day – whether it be to wear a funky necklace or try a uniquely-cut sweater – totally works for them. If you have the opportunity to make someone smile, why wouldn’t you?

We have to empower ourselves, too. We have to love ourselves. So, today, Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to start with the “woman in the mirror!”

Show yourself some love. Go stand in front of a mirror, and look at your pretty face. Smile. Tell yourself, “I am beautiful!” Find your favorite feature in the image staring back at you. Is it your eyes? Your smile? You nose? Find it, look at it and admire it!

We women are beautiful, and we deserve to own that!

I didn’t write this to draw attention to the mentioned charity. I wrote this because I was 9-years-old once, and I remember struggling with my self esteem. How much I hated the gap in my front teeth. How ugly school bullies made me feel. I can understand it, and I hate the idea that there are beautiful women and girls – inside and out – who don’t realize their own strengths and suffer because of low self esteem.

After you give yourself some love, don’t forget to compliment someone else today. “I love that lipstick shade! You are working that!” or “Love your new haircut, it suits you so much!” will go a long way to giving another woman a boost, a little bit of empowerment.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous. Don’t you forget how wonderful you are!!