Nubar Polka Dots Collection

I was happily surprised when UPS or FedEx came to my door with Nubar’s new Polka Dots collection last week, because it’s been at the top of my list to order. I love the simple idea of these top coats – hex glitter and fine glitter pieces in a clear base, one black and one white.

I expected that the Black Polka Dot polish would be my favorite, but White Polka Dot looks really awesome. I can’t pick which one I like better.

Let’s get to swatches!

Black Polka Dot:

I paired Black Polka Dot (on the right) with Nubar Yellow Primrose (on the left). Yellow Primrose is from the Nubar Spring Garden Collection Spring 2011.

Black Polka Dots – with its fine black glitter and black hex glitter – stands out against the white-yellow of Yellow Primrose. I found application to be a bit of a pain, because the hex glitter was a bit harder to get on my nail than the fine glitter. I had to work at it a little bit.

Everyone that looked at my nails saw something different. Mike saw chocolate chip ice cream. I saw cookies and cream. My friend Lauren saw the white chocolate and espresso bean bar from Wegman’s. This mani was so much fun. Hard work to get the glitter, but worth it.

White Polka Dot:

I paired White Polka Dot with Nubar Dark Castle, from the Nubar Fortress Collection (released in early 2010).

White Polka Dot has fine holographic glitter and white, or matte silver hex glitter in a clear base. The fine glitter almost looked blue or green to me most times against the black backdrop. I couldn’t help but think of the cosmos, or night sky. I love the night sky. I wish I could have put constellations on all my fingers with those hex glitters but I didn’t have the time!

This one, too, was a bit of a pain getting the hex glitters on my nails. I realized with White Polka Dot, however, that a lot of the hex glitter settles. So when I moved the bottle all around, shook it a bit, I had better results. I couldn’t see that with Black Polka Dot, because the bottle is dark. So that’s a tip for you, if you have the same issue.

Overall, I love these two top coats! It totally transformed Yellow Primrose, and added a depth to Dark Castle! I actually can’t wait to try both of these on alternating fingers over a hot pink color. I think that will look neat.

The Polka Dot Collection, which also includes a Diamont Seal & Shine top coat, is currently on sale for $20 – it’s normally $24. You can find it here on the Nubar web site.

Disclaimer: The Nubar Polka Dots collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Nubar Dark Castle and Nubar Yellow Primrose were previously sent to me for review when their respective collections came out. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!