Nubar Jellybeans Collection

There are two things I could always count on in my Easter basket: a big chocolate-covered cream egg with my name on it and jellybeans.

Don’t tell my mom, but I actually preferred the tons of jellybeans nestled in the fake plastic grass to the coconut cream-filled monster egg, even though the egg was always made by a local candy shop, and only seasonally available.

If your childhood Easter basket memories are anything like mine, Nubar’s spring collection, Jellybeans, will make you drool for Easter candy and remind you of sweet novelties you used to or still love!

At first glance, I thought Jellybeans was a set of eight creme polishes – and the press release actually describes them as cremes, too. But the finish is way more squishy than a creme, definitely more like a jelly formula. So I’m unsure what to call them.

I also thought they were going to be vibrant and opaque but the collection is a half-and-half mix of opaque and semi-opaque finishes. They all are vibrant, though!

Let’s get to swatches, shall we?!

Toasted Marshmallow:

Toasted Marshmallow is an interesting choice for a jellybean color. It’s a light carmelized brown – perhaps its just the name but it reminds me of a Toasted Coconut donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, and of Sugar Daddy lollipops. It just looks like caramel meant for melting in your mouth. Mmmm. This one was two coats. Definitely a modern-day jellybean color, because I didn’t have this in my Easter basket! Me = old school.


Kiwi is described as an opaque pastel green, but I used three coats for opacity here. This color is one of my favorites. There is some baldness on the pinky finger, but that was user application more than polish issues.


Cherry is a bright orange-based red – it made me crave cherry Italian Water Ice! I can’t recall if this is two or three coats. It’s described as a semi-opaque formula. Very vibrant and very gorgeous!

Blue Raspberry:

Blue Raspberry is a semi-opaque light turquoise that reminds me of a blueberry Icee. Do you remember those? They sold them at Kmart at the little snack stand back when I worked there, years ago! It’s much lighter than the Icee, but the name and the color just make me think of that. This was three coats.


Blueberry is described as an opaque medium vibrant blue – this is shown in two coats, with VNL. Definitely a vibrant color, but not opaque in two coats – not many of these were, but I think that’s the point. This color is very Smurfy!


Lemon is an opaque bright yellow, kind of a baby chick color in soft lighting. Or maybe a Peep! This is shown in three coats.


Strawberry is a light, strawberry milk color. It looks like it’d belong in a bag of smoothie jellybeans. This was two coats.


Grape is a nice purple, shown here in two coats. Hello, grape bubble gum. Hello, grape jellybean!

Color Thoughts

Overall, this is a mouth-watering, squishy set of spring polishes. I was surprised by the sheerness of some of the colors, but it makes sense, since it’s labeled after jellybeans!

Dupe Talk

I didn’t go in search of dupes for these polishes. I think the semi-sheer finish makes them unique in my stash. Of any of them, I might be able to find an Essie that would compare with Strawberry, or something that compares with Cherry.

Application Issues

I had no application issues with these polishes, just had to figure out with each one how many coats they would need. I liked the squishy texture and the sheerness – mostly because I could build them up to opacity.

Additional Information

Overall, I think this collection was mouth-watering and fun. All of them reminded me of something I could eat. I think it’s also a unique collection for spring, because of the varying opacity of each and the theme. Nubar managed to create a fun theme for spring, as always, and I applaud them for that!

These will soon be available through Nubar’s website. I’m not sure of the cost of this set specifically, but polishes are $8 a bottle and seasonal collections are currently on sale for $54 on Nubar’s site.

What do you think of Jellybeans?

Disclaimer: The Nubar Jellybeans Collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!