The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 1/24/2012

OK, I seriously lack in recent photos of myself. So I provide you the brochure I got for the surgery I had done yesterday – TA DA! *sigh* I am hoping to include a before/after shot next week. It’s about time for that, there’s definitely a difference!

Well, friends. It had to happen. I’ve had it pretty good so far but this week, I logged a gain on the scale.

I decided to think about my week a little bit and reflect on the choices I made. The truth is, because of my gall bladder, I haven’t really wanted to make poor eating decisions in over a month. I’d been avoiding fat like the plague so I didn’t have another attack before my surgery. So what happened? Here’s where I made bad choices:

I overate at meals.

Instead of a regular bowl of pho, I ate a large one. And I mean, I ATE it. Instead of one soft pretzel, I had two. And a half. Instead of the dressing mixed into my Salad Works salad, I asked for dressing on the side in addition to it, and I dumped the whole thing in there. Instead of one serving of cereal, I would eat at least double the serving size of both cereal and milk. I almost kicked a half gallon of fat free milk all by myself in one day!

You see, while I wasn’t eating foods that were bad for me, I was eating too much of the foods that are good for me (soft pretzels not included). I also didn’t meet my weekly goal of tracking my food in my weekly food journal. I stopped only one day into the new week.

Portion control is something I needed a refresher course on, so as I began the new week, I whipped out the measuring cups for the cereal and the milk, to help get back on track with how much I was eating.

Next week will not be a fair assessment of my weight loss journey. From what I understand, I may lose about 5 lbs having my gall bladder removed and I will likely not be eating normally for a couple days. The true test to my refresher on portion control will be the week that I am truly able to eat normally again, and make choices among anything I want.

The Stats

So, here’s my stats for the week:

Weight at start of the week: 200.2 lbs.

Weight at end of the week: 200.8 lbs.

That’s a total of 0.6 lbs gain, for a grand total of 19.4 lbs down!!! (I still celebrate, because I have still come so far!)

Goals for the coming week!

  • Recover from surgery

It’s as simple as that. I can’t put exercise or food goals into my week when my biggest job is to get back to 100%.

When you have a small set back or weakness in achieving your goals – whether it’s weight loss or something else – how do you approach it mentally? Do you let it get your down or pick yourself up and move on?

Have a good week! I’ve got posts prepped for the week, so enjoy while I am recovering!