The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 01/16/2012

My face, October 2011:

And my face today:

Can you tell that my cheeks are starting to slim down?!

This week, it’s all about enjoying the changes I see and taking a moment to feel a bit of pride in what I’ve accomplished in 13 weeks.

When I look at those two face photos, I see myself now as less chubby around the nostril and mouth and cheek area. I even notice the slimming that’s happening in my neck.

I notice that I’m now fitting into my size 16 Old Navy jeans, although the dress pants I bought at NY&Co were 18s. Um, still. I am able to shop there again! And those dress pants – I bought them right before Christmas and they’re already fitting a little looser.

Everyone that knows me has noticed my body is changing. I am so flattered that my coworkers, friends, family and fr-amily (that’s friends who are more like family!) are commenting on my slimming figure. Their notice is a reminder that I am doing something concrete, and I’m making a difference in my body, in my life and there’s no turning back now!

I believe in rewarding yourself for doing a good job at something or accomplishing a goal. Two weeks ago, I finally decided I deserved a treat for my weeks of successful lifestyle changes. So I took myself to a salon (Ulta), got my hair cut and styled differently, and had red and blonde highlights added! Here’s a pic, not sure if you can see it too well!

Getting color in my hair is not something I do often because it’s costly. The only two times I’ve dyed my hair, I had a great hook-up and really underpaid for it. But now, without that hook-up, I pay salon prices. I’m so glad I splurged! I love my hair, and I feel confident between my new look and my body.

The message here is: Treat yourself when you work hard at and succeed at something. You deserve it! Just don’t rest on your laurels LOL!

The Stats

So with all that said and done, here’s my stats for the week:

Weight at start of the week 2: 201.4 lbs.

Weight at end of the week 2: 200.2 lbs.

That’s a total of 1.2 lbs down, for a grand total of 20 lbs down!!!

Goals for the coming week!

  • Tracking my food. I have slacked off journaling what I eat and how many Weight Watchers PointsPlus my food is, and I am pledging to write down what I eat this week, no matter what.
  • Drink more water. Since I need to avoid caffeine with my gall bladder, I’ve been drinking hot decaf tea. TONS of it. I need to get in more water during the day, less tea.
  • Eat less sodium. This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I want to become more conscious of how much sodium I am consuming.

What about you? Have you had any big accomplishments that need celebrating?! Share in the comments below – I want to celebrate with you!!!