Hello Kitty Silver Star

I love shopping after Christmas. I never know what bargains I’m going to find. I scour the circulars for Black Friday shopping, but the day after Christmas, I go to my favorite shops and hope for something good!

The little gem you see in the picture above was “something good” that I found at Sephora after Christmas! Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art in Silver Star. This polish was located in a small glass bin and on sale for $5.

The bottle is an adorable glass Hello Kitty face. It was actually comfortable to hold the bottle like this while I polished the hand holding the bottle:

How about some swatches?! Oh, and please be kind. My nails are in HORRIFIC shape right now. From a couple months of wearing the same polish for days, not taking care of my cuticles…stress-biting the skin on the sides of my nails…what a hot, dry mess. I’m working on helping them to bounce back:

Silver Star is a steel microglitter and round, silver holographic glitter pieces in a clear base. It was pretty opaque in the two coats I used for my mani. Three coats would ensure opacity.

I’m currently using Barielle Natural Nail Camoflauge as a base coat and Seche Vite for a top coat. And I have to say, in the less than 24 hours I wore this, it was chippy on me. I might wear this over a base color next time.

Otherwise, the brush was easy to manage and the formula was ok.

If you like what you see, it’s still available, along with two other limited edition shades, here. All three are $5, while other Hello Kitty polishes are $10.

Oh, and I thought this was interesting. I know I have Silver Star, but look at the sticker on the bottom of my bottle:


What do you think of Silver Star friends?!