Goodbye, Gall Bladder

I’m never one to pass up an opportunity for occasion-appropriate nail art (World Water Day? World Blood Donor Day? Or how about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, 2010?).

But gall bladder surgery nails? Hmmm.

I did have some trepidation. My colleague at work asked me, “are you going to do gall bladder nails?!” And we had a good joke when I laughed and said I’d probably not even wear nail polish to surgery. Then when I got home and retold the story to Mike, he laughed and got enthusiastic. “Why not?!” He asked. “You could do a little gall bladder, and then dollar signs for how much money it’s costing you!” (thanks, health insurance, although at the same time I’m annoyed, thank you, because I HAVE health insurance).

Well, Mike’s ideas were catchy, and I’m kitschy, so here’s my gall bladder manicure!

You’re probably wondering what the heck those things all are…

  • Thumb represents the money I’m putting out for the surgery.
  • Index finger celebrates Chinese New Year, because if I wasn’t having surgery today, I would have done a Chinese New Year mani! Happy New Year!
  • The middle finger is gall stones
  • The ring finger is the gall bladder (the pear shaped organ with ducts/veins or whatever coming out of it.
  • The pinky is a bloody scalpel. I have a sick sense of humor, I suppose!

Closer look at gall stones:

This is where I got the description from:

Not perfect but I tried! And here’s a closer look at the gall bladder:

And where I got the description from:

I skipped the red veins inside it.

Nothing here is perfect, but I had some fun doing this. It definitely took the edge off my nervousness to paint my nails like this!

I used a whole host of supplies.:

  • Two coats of Essie Topless & Barefoot for all nails except the index finger.
  • Two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Golden Ticket for index finger.
  • Red, green, black and white Stripe Rite nail striper lacquers.
  • Silver (name is missing from bottom of bottle) nail art lacquer – Art Club
  • Fimo pieces (not sure what they are, but they reminded me together of Chinese New Year!)
  • Water decals (money)
  • A coat of Seche Vite after initial painting of base colors. Seche Vite to finish whole thing off.
  • Konad Top Coat for adhering fimo to index finger
  • Oh yes! And Seche Rebuild for base coat

Thanks for stopping by today! I have posts scheduled for this week while I recover. Have a good one!