Color Club Backstage Pass

Hi! *waving*

Quick update before I get into an actual real nail polish post today!

  • I am having my gall bladder out on Monday, January 23. I’ve had ups and downs as I navigate eating without having another attack. I do expect to have some lag time while I’m recovering.
  • The Beauty Loser Weekly Update comes back MONDAY – as in THIS Monday!! And I can’t wait to share it with you!

I shared much of the Color Club Backstage Pass CollectionTake the Stage, It’s a Hit!, and Fame and Fortune – last year. But this beauty has been hiding out in my unused pictures and I just HAD to share her! Friends, meet Backstage Pass, the namesake of this glitter-packed collection!

I used Backstage Pass as an accent with my entire manicure as Hot Like Lava, a bright pink foil from the Color Club Foiled Collection (see my review here)!

Backstage Pass is a clear base packed with rather large hex silver and magenta glitter pieces. The above was two coats. You can see that the glitter pieces laid pretty flat on my nail, although not totally perfect. It wasn’t an issue. I love how they layered over each other. It was such a pretty manicure!

I was so impressed by this glitter collection; it was diverse and funky. I purchased my Backstage Pass collection on Trans Design, but you can also find it at Victoria Nail Supply. You can also purchase it directly from Color Club. You can get there from the first hyperlink at the top of the post.

What do you think of Backstage Pass? Did you buy into this sparkly collection?! I fell in love with it at CosmoProf and never looked back. I’ll leave you with a pic of the whole collection: