A plug for my Thirty-One business!

I launched my Thirty-One business today! I’m very excited, and it was a fun day. I am grateful for the friends and family (well, Mike’s family and my mom!) who showed up and supported my business! I think the highlight was seeing an old friend that I haven’t talked to in a while. It made my day to reconnect with her!

For the majority of you who visit because you like to read and see pics about nail polish, I wore Orly Androgynie today!:

Love this polish. I wish I’d painted the tips of my nails like I normally do, because I had bad tip wear (hence the end-of-the-day pic over a white background so you can’t see it as bad!)

I don’t want my blog to be an advert for my side job, but Mike told me I should have a link here to my Thirty-One business. I don’t know if I’m going to add the link to my side bar but I figured since today was special, my launch party, and it will likely remain open until Tuesday, Dec. 6th, or Wed. Dec. 7th, I might as well post a link to it.

If you are interested in checking out Thirty-One and possibly ordering, you can order – under my Launch Party – on my web site! Click to visit: my personal Thirty-One website. Ordering this week ensures that if you order any holiday gifts, they will ship to you on time!!!

A couple tips about the products:

  • The Thermal Tote is one of our most popular items – I use it to take my lunch to work everyday!
  • I use the Littles caddy for my daily mani change supplies – Remove +, top and base coats, pointed Q-Tips for cuticle cleanup, some cotton balls.
  • I use the All-in-One Organizer (only $5 for every $31 spent) for my Weight Watchers materials – it holds my breakfast and Nalgene of water when I go to my meetings! (PS – I’ve been continuing to lose while away from the blog…I’m down a total of 11.4 lbs!).
  • I use the Large Utility Tote for my grocery shopping!!
  • I adore all the purses, especially the changable Skirt Purse.

So there you go. Mike’ll be proud that I shamelessly plugged myself on my blog LOL I’m still not convinced it’s the right thing to do but honestly? I wouldn’t sell Thirty-One if I didn’t believe in the products and plan on giving many as Christmas presents. So why not share the opportunity with you, too?!

Hope you are doing well friends. I’m having a blast, even if I’m busy. I love it this way 🙂