The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 11/14/2011

Sing it now: “One of these things is not like the other”

Happy Monday, everyone! The last week was quite a challenge, but looking back, I feel like my motivation and desire to be healthier and skinnier made the challenges easy to overcome. There was a spontaneous work dinner, office donuts and office pizza. But I made it through – and LOST WEIGHT again this week!

I was able to lose weight by choosing things like this:

(OMG, they taste like barrel pickles and you can get these little guys at Wawa near the salads and fresh snacks!)

Over these:

I’d like to point out that in that box, top row, second from the right, is my most FAVORITE donut in the world. A Pitman Bakery cream donut. I didn’t touch it. I didn’t even breathe in a speck of powder from that powdered cream goodness. I did smell it. Everytime I walked into my cube. And it was tempting, but not as bad as my motivation to get years of cream donuts off my ass!

I also scored a loss by bringing in my own lunch to our office pizza party:

I opted for spring mix, 1/2 cup of chick peas and an ounce of light tuna (it was packed in water) with lite balsamic vinegrette mixed in. I ate an apple after the salad. You can see the tempting pizza box taunting my empty lunch Tupperware. I was actually more tempted with the pizza than the donuts. SO odd for me, as I’m a sweets girl!


I think the above says it all – I exercised amazing restraint! At that work dinner, I picked out broccoli, cheese and ham quiche with a side salad over all the other fried options at the Irish pub we went to.

I also did much better drinking six glasses of water a day!


Food wins put aside, this week had a hurdle that I’m still figuring out how to approach.

I began having an odd pain in my left foot about a week or so ago. I went to see my family doc, who diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, but having been a long-distance runner (about 50 lbs. ago), that didn’t seem right to me. So, I did a little Googling, and discovered that my symptoms did not match this problem.

I’m not one to routinely question doctors, but I do try to follow my gut instincts when it comes to my health – my instincts to go to the ER or the doctor in one case may have saved my life and in a second saved me from a hospital stay and procedures.

Saturday, I went to see a foot doctor. I described to him the pain, where it’s at, and that while I could successfully jog and do a hill workout on the treadmill, I couldn’t toss and turn toward my right in the middle of the night without sharp pain waking me up nearly screaming.

He told me that the problem I’m having is not plantar fasciitis, it’s actually something called a “midsubstance strain.” He adhered a stabilizing piece of foam or something to my arch, and taped my foot pretty tight:

For the next week, until this Saturday, I can not get my left foot wet. The doc advised me to try and keep the taping on until I see him. I have to rubberband not one, but three garbage bags around my foot to prevent water getting to it when I shower.

The change in stability of my foot was hard to get used to on Saturday; it made the pain more prominent and even affected my knee. It was not unexpected; the doctor had me stand up, and then lift my arches to show me what they should look like (I’m horribly flat-footed!). He pointed out the difference in position that my knees experienced when I lifted my arches.

I can workout with this injury, but I have to take care and not push myself the way I promised myself I wouldn’t. I swore up and down and all over the place that I would not rush in and over do it. I swore I wouldn’t jog until I was below 200 lbs., but I am my own worst enemy.

My struggle this past week has been figuring out what was wrong with my foot, and how can I work through it? I’m still trying to find the answer, or the balance.

The Stats

So with all that said and done, here’s my stats for the week:

Weight at start of the week 2: 215.4 lbs.

Weight at end of the week 2: 213.6 lbs.

That’s a total of 1.8 lbs down, and brings my total weight loss so far to 6.6 lbs!!!!

Goals for Week 4!
  • Continue to follow the WW plan and drink six glasses of water a day
  • Go to the gym at least four times this week – get my heart rate up but do it responsibly!
  • Start thinking about a Thanksgiving game plan – my mom’s birthday is the day before and there will be my favorite kind of cake – then on Thanksgiving there is the main meal and dessert…and my family hosts a dessert party that night where we exchange names for polyanna. I need to figure out what I’m going to do so I can enjoy myself but still log a loss that Saturday on the scale!

Thanks for staying with me today, I know this update was a long one!

Do you have any advice for exercising with a bum foot? What bumps in the road did you hit last week – what successes?