The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 10/31/2011

Me, one week into Weight Watchers and The Beauty Loser!

Hi everyone! I’d like to tell you what I found to be the most important thing this week in my weight loss adventures: Support.

I checked-in on Foursquare and Facebook to my Weight Watchers meeting, and felt very encouraged when friends Tweeted to me or “Liked” my check-in. I also Tweeted about my weight loss, and my success, and was so motivated by the “congrats” and “atta-girl” kind of Tweets that my Twitter friends kicked back to me that my mood was elated and my spirit was determined! I also learned this week I have Twitter friends who are doing WW, or trying to lose weight, and we are encouraging each other, too!

Between my WW weekly meeting, Twitter, FB and real-life friends and family, I feel like a proverbial bowling ball going down the buffered lane. I might try to go into the gutter but someone’s there to push me back into the lane and keep me going!

If you are trying to accomplish something – whether it’s a health-related objective, an academic achievement or a business goal, don’t forget to let other people inside!! You shouldn’t have to do it alone! Find a group that supports your initiatives, and talk with your friends and family about what you’re doing. Get them involved and invested, so they can help you reach your goals!

I know it will not always feel that easy, but I am celebrating that kind of support this week!


This week was a success in general, and I’m very happy at how well I did!

  • I navigated a catered business conference! Luckily, the lunch was grilled chicken over lettuce, so I sparingly used the salad dressing, didn’t put butter on my roll (which was a grain bread with oats and grains on top) and I only ate half the small tart dessert. Oh, and I got Gloria Steinem’s autograph!
  • After walking around the convention center and Philly for the conference, I went to the gym for a quick, 20 minute work out.
  • I ate within my alloted daily PointsPlus and weekly PointsPlus allowance – I still had several points of my weekly allowance left over at the end of the week, and I never felt like I was going hungry or deprived at any point in the week.
  • I traveled for work by car on Wednesday, and I drove prepared! I brought a piece of fruit and a snack for the drive home, knowing it might take me a couple hours and I would be ravenous if I didn’t! It took me almost two and a half hours, so I’m glad I did!

I didn’t struggle much this past week. I think that’s good, because there will be plenty of weeks where I do struggle. And I’ll need to call on weeks like this to remember my motivation, and my capability for success! Mostly, I struggled adjusting to a new way of life.

  • I had trouble striking a balance between putting low-fat protein, carbs, veggies/fruits etc. on my plate for all three meals.
  • I only exercised three times last week.
The Stats

With that, here’s how I did by the numbers!

Weight at star of week 1: 220.2 lbs.

Weight at start of week 2: 216.6 lbs.

That’s a difference of 3.6 lbs!

*doing a little happy dance*

Goals for week 2!
  • Continue to follow the WW plan, but concentrate on well-rounded meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of just meeting points.
  • Exercise at least four times this week.
  • Continue to support others, and be supported, in my life.
  • Stay positive!

I was going to talk about a different topic this week, but I was so excited to share my successes, and the meaning of support, that I got sidetracked…so I will save the topic for another week!

How was your week, friends?! What are you most proud of this week? Share in the comments below!