The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 10/24/11

Welcome back to The Beauty Loser! I took a brief hiatus while I got things situated, but I’m baaaaaack!

So! See those words up there? “Morbid, Obesity.” They are pretty shocking to me. Whenever I see my doctor, she prints out a sheet that explains what we talked about and includes my directions if needed for prescriptions. I sought her help last Tuesday because I’ve been having problems with asthma, and that “morbid, obesity” tidbit was in a list of items addressed during my visit.

My doc always tells me, get a regular exercise regimen and eat better. She didn’t say I was morbidly obese, but wow. Apparently my statistics say it. Seeing it on paper was the fire I needed under my ass to finally get to Weight Watchers this weekend. I’d been putting it off, wrapped up in a busy work and social life the last month since returning from vacation.

This is my WW meeting place!

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to the 8 a.m. express meeting, which means it was a half hour meeting. The program has changed since I last did it, so I’ve spent the last couple days reading about it and learning how to eat well-balanced meals during the day.

Saturday afternoon, Diana from Painted Lady Fingers and I got together for a nice lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, followed by a walk/hike in a local wooded park. Diana has also decided to chronicle her healthy efforts on her blog in a feature called Health and Whimsy.

I snapped a photo while we were walking across a floating bridge on the lake:

We spent an hour and 20 minutes on the trails, but the time passed by quickly with good company! It was a grey, cloudy day, but it was still pretty and serene to walk in the woods, and the air was perfectly chilled to comfort us as we sweat from our exercise!

Sunday I attended a family christening, and felt very proud that I stayed away from the fried appetizers, and only took two bites of cake just to try it. I even danced for a while with my cousins and my aunts, which I might not normally have done, so that I could get my body moving. I had a blast!

Things are off to a strong start! So, here’s my stats:

Weight at start of week 1: 220.2 lbs.

Goals for week 1!

  • Follow the WW plan.
  • Start moving.
  • Stay positive!

By the way, I want you to know that while WW is a big part of my lifestyle change, there is plenty else I can share with you that won’t have me shoving WW down your throats. This is my way to change my life; it’s an important part, but the bigger picture is the effort I’m putting forth, not just the method to get there.

I’m hoping to share with you next week a little about one of my favorite places to exercise…!

What goals are you working on this week – weight loss-related or not? Do you struggle to stay positive or stick to a plan – no matter what it is? Are you tempted by office donuts? Share in the comments below!

I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals this week, friends!! We can DO IT!