Spammer Say WHAT?!

I receive some very interesting spam comments on my blog. I’ve taken measures to cut down on the spammers, such as limit how long comments are open on posts, but they still get through a few times a day.

While it’s highly annoying to manage these comments, I have to say, some are true gems. I get at least one laugh on a daily basis. I decided to make fun of them today!

But first, I’d like to share some commenting guidelines on, in case the spammers are reading:

  • DON’T SPAM ME! That goes for spam bots and companies and other spammers!
  • Do not use my comments section to pimp out your company. I also don’t like it when companys have reps comment on blog posts as readers. This doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but there was one time it did, and it was obvious. Shady, and I don’t deal with that company anymore. 
  • Oh, and fellow bloggers: Please do not use my comments section to attract readers (or solicit people to enter your contest). List your URL when you’re filling out the comment form, and it will be linkable on your name in the comments section. It’s much more subtle, and I appreciate it! I don’t mind, however, if you’re commenting on a post and you’re mentioning that you’ve done something similar on your own blog. Just remember, if people want to go and read it, they can click on your name!

OK. Now for some of my favorite recent spam comments!:

  • “Let’s talk about the significance of the place of paragraph structure elements within a papers.” Really?! Cool, because writing is my area of expertise! Plus, maybe we can talk about how you made papers plural and it shouldn’t be!
  • “Wow, thank you. I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Great job.” Ah, the blow-smoke-up-my-butt spam comment!
  • “Not to mention, maybe that decrease in the poverty levels came due to more parents sending their kids out to work (and this added income pulls the family out of the “poor” category)?” What exactly did I say in my review of Lush’s Lip Tints for Holiday that hinted that I was talking about the decrease in poverty levels? Spammer say WHAT?!
  • “Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including…” OMG, really?! LEAVE ME ALONE, MP3 SPAMMERS!
  • “My girlfriend and I talk about this every now and then but very rarely agree on it. She use to believe we could not discuss it without yelling. We actually don`t agree on many things anyway so this was really no different.” This on my review of Jordana EasyShine Gloss Lip Color. I seriously doubt he debates and tries not to yell about lip gloss. Sounds to me like you’ve got bigger issues, my spammer friend.

There was a great one on a makeup post I did that said something like, “I myself own three greyhounds.” This was the comment that made me want to write this post!

Anyway, I hope you enjoying a bit of randomness today. Have a great weekend!