Diamond Orange Blush with Burst Buckingham Gold Crackle


I recently did a crackle combo that I really liked, and wanted to share with you! This is just kinda a quick-and-dirty NOTD post, not really a review post!

This is a base of Diamond Cosmetics Orange Blush, with Burst Buckingham Gold crackle over it.

As you can see, this is when my nails were a little longer, earlier this summer.

I love Orange Blush alone, it’s like a creamy or hazy jelly! But I thought the color combo was really pretty, very summery!

As summer comes to a close, I have found myself doing quite a bit of these random NOTD posts to share with you some hot, summery manis. But what about you, did you have any favorite NOTDs this summer? Anything you really loved for the season?! Share in the comments below!