Desktop Beauty

What’s on YOUR Desktop?!

Everyday when I get to work, I have a routine.

  • Remove lap top from desk drawer, boot it up.
  • Change from flip flops into dress shoes.
  • Retrieve my Nalgene of water from my work bag and place it on my coaster (the state of Wisconsin made out of “cheese.”)
  • Take out cell phone, plug it into booting-up lap top (do this with work BB if needed, too).
  • Take out my tub of Lush Lemony Flutter, and whatever lipstick or gloss I’m wearing that day, and set it on my desk by my water.
  • Log in and start my day!

While I remove beauty items from my purse to keep readily at hand, I also have several beauty items around my desk that I use at least once a day. And you know, I never really thought about it until one day I look at my little pile of stuff, and realized that everyday, even while working diligently, I’ve got tools of beauty all around me!

So, what the heck do I have lying around my desk that is beauty-related? Check it out:


Water is a must-have beauty item. It helps keep your skin fresh and…well…you body needs it! I try to drink almost two of these a day, but I sometimes can barely make it through one. I make up for it by drinking more at night, at home.

Water helps keep you beautiful, inside and out!

Body Butter

My other must-have for hydration is a tube or bottle of lotion on my desktop, at all times. Right now, I’ve got a tube of Bliss Lemon Sage Body Butter that I use anywhere from once to three times a day. I try to moisturize my hands even when they don’t feel dry, so that I can maintain hydrated hands at all times. (I probably wouldn’t be so cray-cray about it if it wasn’t for the fact I’m always taking pics of my hands!)

Hand Sanitizer

To me, hand sanitizer is a beauty item. Because honestly, me with a cold is about as attractive as…*shudder*. Let’s just say people would mistake me for a zombie. I’m pretty ugly inside and out when I’m sick!

I try not to use hand sanitizer often, because of reports I’ve read that it’s actually not all that healthy, but I will use it when I feel like I’ve rolled the dice to the wrong numbers on the germs table.

Daily Vitamins

Again, vitamins – like water and hand sanitizer – contribute to your overall healthy and wellness. I consider this an internal beauty tool. Well, when I remember to take them!

Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve is great. Not only can I use it on my lips, but if I don’t have my Lemony Flutter I can use it on my cuticles and on my elbows.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Desk”

I gotta have my mini mirror. Countless times I grab for this handy mirror to figure out why my eyes are irritated (usually it’s an eyelash in my eye), to touch up my lippie after lunch, and to pat a little foundation on the spots of my nose that go all Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on me due to my rosacea.

Not only is it a mirror, it’s a brush, too. And check out the cute saying on the front of it:

So there you go! The beauty I keep at my desk. What kind of beauty-related items do YOU have at YOUR desk? Share in the comments below!!