The Painted Nail: ‘Amazeballs’ Manis!

Did you watch the reality TV show, “Nail Files,” on TV Guide Network this summer? I did!

If you watched along with me, maybe you also thought The Painted Nail salon was cool, found it interesting how some of the celebrities on the show decided to name The Painted Nail nail polishes, and enjoyed the energetic and personable Katie Cazorla, star of the show, comedienne and entreprenaur!

I was stoked that I got the chance to meet Katie while at Cosmoprof (Las Vegas, July 31-Aug 2)!:

Katie is as amazing – if not more – off-screen than on! Someone so successful, with so many Loubys, could easily be aloof and intangible. But Katie was down-to-earth and open, and seemed excited to meet all of us beauty bloggers and have dinner with the crew!

I realized after I left CosmoProf that I never really got the chance to chat with her one-on-one; I would love to ask her questions, talk to her more about the show and her work in nails – as well as The Painted Nail. I hope to get the opportunity at a later date, hopefully if there’s a season 2 of “Nail Files!”

So, anyway! Back to the review at hand, right?! I called these “Amazeballs” manis because: A) Katie uses that descriptive term and it cracks me up. B) They are “amazeballs!”

I picked up three glass-flecked polishes, Mestiza, Fairy Wings and Citrus Sparkle. I also bought Moon Drop Top Layer, and all my swatches are two coats of Moon Drop over each polish. I did not swatch Moon Drop on its own, and I didn’t worry about showing you swatches of the other three before the top coat, because the base color does not change with Moon Drop.

Here’s a bottle shot of Moon Drop:

Can you see the iridescent glitter shining green in that photo?! I love the matte silver hex glitter pieces!

The Painted Nail polish line is made by Nubar, and I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome Nubar is. I’ve been a fan of their polish – both color creativity and formula – as long as I’ve known about them. I also met Noubar, the man behind the brand, at the show but I’ll post about that later! Let’s get to swatches!


Mestiza is a gorgeous, sunny yellow. Using my iPhone, I tweeted a picture of my mani on Twitter, and Katie sent me a reply that using a white polish under Mestiza makes it have a “neonesque vibe” and that it looks, oh yes, “amazeballs!” I loved Mestiza with just Moon Drop Top Layer, but I am definitely curious to revisit with white underneath now!

Citrus Sparkle:

Citrus Sparkle is a vibrant orange. The sparkle in this polish is a danger. As I drove down the street, I turned to my left while at a stop light and caught the sparkly reflection of my nails in my window. I was totally enamored! Then I realized the light was green. Look at that. A mani that stopped me in traffic! Haha.

Fairy Wings:

Fairy Wings is a gorgeous apple green with yellow shimmer. Sometimes, I thought of those matte glitter pieces like salt, and the mani like a margarita. Mmm. Margaritas!

I used three coats of polish for these manis, and still had VNL. But hello? The sparkle and shimmer? I didn’t even notice the VNL. As I mentioned earlier, the polishes were great Nubar quality, brush and bottle shape is the same.

I purchased these puppies on The Painted Nail website for $12.50 a piece. I’m still jonesing to get Malibu Dream and Legendary Lavendar, as well as Katie Sparkles!

Now, you may have noticed I said $12.50. That is about a $5 price difference between Nubar polishes and The Painted Nail line. Lacquers on Nubar’s website retail for $7.49, compared with the $12.50 price tag of The Painted Nail polishes. I’ve got mixed emotions about that price difference, but I also realize that it’s a different situation – not like The Painted Nail is taking Nubar and reselling it higher. The Painted Nail polishes are polishes that The Painted Nail contributes creativity to, and it’s the salon’s line.

The biggest difference between Nubar and The Painted Nail polishes, looking at it from a consumer angle, was that TPN polish comes in boxes and have a different label on the front. And most of the colors that are offered from TPN line are not Nubar colors, they are specific to Katie’s line. The only real dupable polish I see is Nubar 2010 vs. TPN Stalkarazzi.

Obviously, I went for the polishes and felt justified spending the money or I wouldn’t have. I just can’t get all the goodies I want at once, I have to pace myself!

By the way! If you don’t follow The Painted Nail on Facebook or Twitter (@thepaintednail), I suggest you do! Katie is going to let her fans name her next polish collection, and will post pics of the polishes to her Facebook when they’re ready! She said, and I quote, that the colors are “amazeballs!”

What do you think of The Painted Nails polishes? Have you picked any up? Did you watch the show? Chat in the comments below!!