The Beauty Loser Weekly Upate 1

In case you’re wondering, I’m wearing the Bright Idea eyeshadow trio from Wet N’ Wild’s Dream Weavers collection!

Hi everyone! I’m back with my weekly update on The Beauty Loser: A Beauty Fanatic’s Weight Loss Journey…Take Two!

I don’t know if I mentioned this last week, but I encourage you to do this along with me! I don’t care if you adapt the idea to your own blog or life, let’s be healthy together! If you want to, be a Beauty Loser too!

Anyway, I had a tough first week. I believe anytime you decide on major life changes it’s a rough start. I know, though, that if I can quit smoking (tomorrow is my 8-month quittiversary!!!) that I can tackle this!

It was tough because I am not necessarily following a plan, just trying to eat better. So I feel a little out there, hanging in the breeze, hungry a lot. I may have to switch to a program once I getting my footing into the weight loss idea. Because I need routine and structure when it comes to doing something like this right.

With that, here’s how Week 1 went in general!

Weight at start: 218.4 lbs.

Weight at end of week one: 217 lbs.

Woo hoo! 1.4 lbs. down.

Strengths this week:

  • Ate salads for lunch almost all week and loved it.
  • Cut out cream from my morning coffee.
  • Cut down on snacking in between meals.
  • When faced with fast food decisions, I made healthy choices. For the most part.
  • Didn’t eat as much sugar as I normally do.
  • I started the journey – that has to count for something!


  • Caved and helped demolish a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback.
  • And two Stella Artois.
  • And half a Sinful Sydney something or the other ice cream dessert. I’m not proud, but damn, it was all good.
  • I didn’t eat as well over the weekend as I did over the work week.
  • I didn’t drink as much water as I had wanted to.
  • Didn’t enter all my food into Calorie Counter.

Overall, I’m pleased I experienced a weight loss, but I know at my weight my loss the first week could have been stronger.

But no time for regrets, only time to MOVE FORWARD!

My week technically starts on Mondays. So, this week, I’m looking forward to the following goals:

  • Drinking at least 6 glasses of water everyday.
  • Walking for at least 15 minutes, five days this week (as part of the challenge I joined in Calorie Counter).
  • Packing my lunch from home and cooking my meals at home.

Mike and I went grocery shopping last night so that last bullet is already being tackled! And I started my walking, on my lunch break. I brought sneaks to my office and left them in my desk drawer – no excuses!

I also drank my six glasses yesterday!

So, what do you think is a major challenge for you in getting into shape or staying into shape? Is it dessert? Is it time? Share in the comments below!