Cosmoprof Sneak Peek: Orly

At Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas last weekend, Orly (and SpaRitual, which shared booth space, but separate post on that!) had an AMAZING booth. Everything was killer.

Although I was primarily interested in coming nail polish collections, and even skin care, it would be unfair to mention Orly without showing you their newest product, the Gel FX nail polish system. This launched at the show.

Gel FX includes gel polish versions of 32 of the company’s top nail polish shades, and uses LED light to cure. The polish requires thin coats as it’s applied. The products used along with the polish – the base coat, primer, cuticle oil – are infused with vitamins to nourish the nails. A 10-minute foil wrap with the remover launched with the Orly line will take the product off without damaging the nail, said Communications Manager John Galea.

While Gel FX was all the product-buzz at Orly, it was their upcoming color collections that had me gaga! Check out Holiday Soiree!

My personal favorite…meet Androgynie!

OMG! Black with big holo glitter and smaller holo glitter! This is gorgeous!

Another favorite is Ingenue:

Holy shimmer!

Can’t forget this one, either, this looks great too. This is Oui:

I don’t know if this pic I took is good enough, so I’m telling you, this is third from the left in the six bottles shot above. It’s gorgeous! I believe the launch is October for Holiday Soiree! Just a couple more months, fanatics! We can do it! We can wait! (:( ) Also – check out those cute little nail files with lace that come attached with the bottles. Cute!

Ok! Next up! Remember last year’s Cosmic FX collection, which was a set of shimmery and glittery duochromes that were described as “infused with natural rock minerals, crystals and glass to give nails a special optical effect with extreme luster, rich pearlescence, and a smooth, sparkling spectrum of concentrated color?” Orly is bringing the concept back, this time in the Mineral FX collection!

These six are not all duochromes, but they are all glittery, vibrant and shimmery!!!

Check out a couple by the bottle. Emberstone:

Rock the World:

Rock It:

Rock Solid:

John told me that these would launch in September, but don’t mark my word!

Speaking of soon-to-be launched, next up, we have Fall 2011, Birds of  Feather!

Birds of Feather includes polishes with catchy bird-related names 🙂 I didn’t really take any bottle shots of these, although there are three or four (including the blue, of course!) that looks interesting. Here’s a press photo of the lineup!

Again, I heard this would be launching in September.

Before I leave this collection, there’s an adorable little gift that will be available with one of the sets of Birds of a Feather, a cosmetic bag with bird feathers:

How fun!

I’m definitely keeping my eye on Orly for the next few months. I have got to have the entire Mineral FX collection, and there are so many winners from the other collections! And what about the Gel FX … do you think that’s something you would try? Leave your thoughts on Orly’s upcoming offerings in the comments below!!