Cosmoprof Quickies!

Good morning beauty lovers! Polish addicts!

Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas is proving to be quite a fresh glimpse into what our favorite brands will be offering for holiday 2011 and into the first half of 2012. There is a lot of glitter – I mean A LOT – and duochromes. *SWOON* (there’s going to be a lot of that going on here, just a fair warning LOL)!

While I’m planning more thorough follow-ups by brand, I wanted to share with you some of the exciting products I’m seeing as I walk the show floor and talk with folks in the industry!

So! Here’s a couple shots of what’s coming¬†from Orly/SpaRitual, but please stay tuned for more…I was like the polish-razzi at this booth!

First up, check out this gorgeous pink, Strength, from SpaRitual’s In Pink breast cancer awareness line that will be coming soon! Proceeds from sales of the three polishes benefit Cancer Schmancer:

You all know, I love me some duochrome! *swoon swoon!* (see, I told ya!)

Orly is expanding its Mineral FX line from last year – you know, the shimmery, sparkly duochrome polishes with the black caps?! YES. Look at this:

This is Rococo A Go-Go. Hello, deep purple and golden duochrome polish. I can’t wait until you meet my nail beds and I wear you around like a trophy wife on my digits! haha

Let’s see…what else..OH YES. How about some MAGNETIC POLISH!?

Ladies, meet Layla Cosmetics Magneffect polish! The magnet is on the cap – I will have a review and more pics later!

Layla also has a polish line of 45 polishes in its Ceramic Effect line:

I’ll be sharing that red one in the bottom of the photo in another post, so more on this later, too!

Color Club had me weak in the knees when I saw this:

I would say CLICK TO ENLARGE that photo because these glitters are gorgeous. Especially this one:

OMG! Flakie glitter!!!! *swoon swoon*

I’ll leave you with one more glimpse into the future, because it’s show time again, for the last day, at CosmoProf:

NYX Cosmetics has reformulated its nail polish line – 144 colors! – and this little beauty is one of them. The new formula is a salon formula that is supposedly one coat, according to Toni Ko, owner of NYX!

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to talk about, but for now I’m off to get the low down on Essie, Zoya and OPI!

PS – No photo stealing from this post. I’m talking to you, spamboters!

Later friends!