CND The Look: Perfectly Bare Colour and Shimmer Effect

For summer, CND released a neutral duo called The Look, consisting of Perfectly Bare Colour and Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect. While I love color and tend to shun nudes, I was drawn to this set because of Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect. I love polishes that have a subtle pink shimmer in them!

Plus, when you have a corporate job, it’s nice to have reliable nudes on hand for meeting-filled days!

Swatches of two coats of Perfectly Bare Colour with one coat of Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect. I recommend you enlarge some of the pics to see the shimmer detail:

And one shot with my seashell ring:

Ah, I miss my long nails.

Anyway – I got the ring for $7 or $8 at a store called Jewelbilee. I got the polish duo set from TransDesign for $10.

CND makes a wonderful, opaque creme nail polish. And I love the Shimmer Effects and how they transform any color! I had no problems in application and the day I wore these they wore well.

What do you think of nudes? Share in the comments below!