“Nail Files” Mobile Spa Tour Hits AC

It was a scorcher of a Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City, but that didn’t stop mani fans from lining up outside the promotional mobile spa tour in honor of the upcoming new reality TV show, “Nail Files” to get free, sparkly manis!!

Here’s some pics of the tour bus:

The bus is set up inside to look like Katie Cazorla’s The Painted Nail salon in LA, with lavendar walls and white furniture. It has three small tables for women (and men, and children!) to sit and get their nails painted with a pretty good selection of colorful and glitter-filled nail lacquers made by Nubar and branded “The Painted Nail” lacquers!

Unfortunately, I missed meeting Katie and talking to her about her show, as she wasn’t there the day I showed up. But I got to chat with the manicurists, some of the clients and took some fun pics. Read on for more information about when the mobile spa might be coming to your neighborhood… 🙂

Colorful Manis!

According to the tour manager, Devi McDonald, the manicurists who provide the color and sparkle to guests are from local salons – the day I visited, all three ladies were from salons in nearby Philadelphia!

Roxie from Muse Hair Studio in Philly (I hope that’s the right link!!) did the nails of Rochelle, a middle school teacher, with Malibu Dream and a gorgeous yellow glitter! I didn’t write down the name, but it is one of the polishes I’d like to get from The Painted Nail Nubar line. 🙁 Here’s a couple pics of Rochelle’s finished mani!

I love that yellow glitter accent nail!!

Rochelle said she loves pink, and that she couldn’t wait to go back to school – “The kids are going to love this!” she said. Rochelle also hadn’t gotten her nails done in 25 years – my guess is she hasn’t been able to stop staring at her fingers yet!

Here’s a pic of Roxie with her next client, Maria!:

Maria said she loves Essie nail polish, but she was looking forward to pink sparkles from Roxie 🙂

Ave, the owner of Miss Mani-Pedi, also in Philly (I couldn’t find a website 🙁 ), was painting nails:

Total side note, but Ave had gorgeous eye makeup!

Next up is Kathleen, who got her nails done by Onisha from Koco Nails!

Kathleen got Stiletto as the base (a black creme) with Miz Biz sparkles on top! It looks like she just got sparkles on her ring finger – there was a lot of accent finger manicures going on!! Kathleen, who said she’s a fan of OPI, loved her blue sparkles, which brought out the blue in her pedicure 🙂 I wish I’d also taken a pic of her and Onisha – both were as sweet as the other ladies and did a great job!

There’s something about getting a mani that makes everyone happy and all smiles 🙂

Also – Onisha raved about the Nubar formula, “It goes on really, really easy,” she said. Yes, yes it does! 🙂

She’s also an avid Tweeter! You can follow her here! Or look for @KocoNails.

The Nail Lacquers

Inside the bus, there was a flat screen TV on the wall with a small shelf for the nail polishes underneath:

The TV was playing clips from the show, I believe, which starts at 10 p.m. EST on TV Guide Network. Here’s a couple up close shots of the bottles:

Do you see the one next to the purple, on the left of it? It’s called Stalkerazzi but it looks like Nubar 2010!

You can purchase these Nubar pretties here, at The Painted Nail shop online. You can also purchase them through Amazon.com here. Some of the polishes seem like they may be dupable to some of Nubar’s regular line (again, ie, Stalkarazzi).

I am glad to see Nubar getting this kind of attention. Nubar has been one of my favorites for more than two years, and I’m glad they will be prominently featured as a brand in this new show! You go, Nubar!!!

I may want to pick up a couple of those The Painted Nail polishes, for the novelty, but I would recommend you double check your stash first to see if you have anything like it from Nubar – or if Nubar has anything like it without The Painted Nail name. Nubar polishes retail on its web site for $7.49, a bit cheaper than the $12.50 with The Painted Nail logo.

Remember, you can check out Nubar here. 🙂

The polishes are a combo of Katie-centric names, like the sparkly Katie’s Sparkles and the red, Love My Louby’s – because Katie loves her Loubys, and we will apparently see them during the show! There are also polishes named by celebrities like Teri Hatcher and Hayley Williams from Paramore, according to the descriptions of the colors on The Painted Nail web site.

The Tour Dates

The bus itself is a neat little attraction. As I approached, there was a woman handing out nice big nail files with the show’s promotional info on it:

So here’s the tour dates for the Mobile Spa, from the beginning to the end: 

ATLANTA: Saturday, 5/14 at the North Point Mall from 11am until 6pm 

CHARLOTTE: Wednesday, 5/18 at the Northlake Mall from 11am until 6pm 

WASHINGTON DC: Friday and Saturday, 5/20 & 5/21, Downtown Silver Spring and Spotsylvania Towne Center

BOSTON: Wednesday, 5/25 at the Natick Collection Mall from 11am until 6pm 

PHILADELPHIA: Saturday and Sunday, 5/29 & 5/29 at the Atlantic City Outlet Malls from 11am until 6pm 

CLEVELAND: Friday and Satuday, 6/3 & 6/4, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Mall

NEW YORK CITY: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 6/13 – 6/15, SoHo and Time Warner Center 

LOS ANGELES: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6/21 – 6/23, The Farmers Market at The Grove 

LAS VEGAS: Saturday & Sunday, 6/25 & 6/26, location TBD 

PHOENIX: Tuesday & Wednesday, 6/28 & 6/29, Tempe Marketplace

HOUSTON: Sunday & Monday, 7/3 & 7/4, The Woodlands Mall

Overall, it was cool, and I wish I’d had time to wait in line to get my own nails done. But alas, I couldn’t stay! Here’s a pic of me from that morning, I decided I needed a straw hat for summer…and that I needed to start wearing it that day…what do you think?! Do I look silly or what?! LOL:

By the way – that’s Nubar Honeysuckle on my digits!

So has the spa stopped, or will it stop, in your neighborhood?! What do you think of all this promotion for the new Nail Files show? Are you planning to tune in, if you have TV Guide Network?!